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“A woman” Mu Feichi glanced at Xiao Jinglin and grinned.

The head of the Xiao family was already in his early 40s.

With all the power and wealth he possessed, the only thing he lacked was a Mrs.


Ignoring Mu Feichis teasing, Xiao Jinglin returned a smile.

“Seriously, what makes you think I dont have enough women in my life”

“You do have enough women in your life, but you dont have a woman who could stand toe to toe with you and be your wife.” Mu Feichi finally shifted his attention away from the lady on the stage.

“I know you have been searching for Ms.

Rong for the past few years.

I know more about the inside of this country than you do.

I can help.”

Xiao Jinglin looked at Mu Feichi.

After a few seconds of silence, he finally nodded.


Note that Im willing to help because your lady has agreed to give me an invitation to the auction.

That has saved me a lot of trouble.

Ill let my men work on it, and Ill let you know as soon as they get something.”

The reason Xiao Jinglin had returned to Jun Country was that he had heard a rumor about the person he was searching for.

Yet, he could not confirm whether the rumor was true or not.

Compared to him who had been living in another country for years, Mu Feichi would be able to find out more about the person than he could.

As long as there was hope, Xiao Jinglin was not going to give up.

“Thank you!” Mu Feichi smiled.

Xiao Jinglins assistance would shorten their work, and the head of the Xiao family would be able to look deeper than they could.

What they needed wasnt the arms dealers cover story, but their real operation.

“Its really hard to get a thank you from you, huh” Xiao Jinglin laughed.

“Well, you should pray that I can help find the person you are looking for.

You can thank me back when that happens.”

Xiao Jinglin scoffed at Mu Feichis attitude.

Mu Feichi and Yun Xi had arrived at the hotel together, but they returned with another guest accompanying them.

When they passed by the residential compound, Yun Xi didnt even stop at home.

She had already sent an invitation to them, and she knew that Yun Yuanfeng and Yun Chuhan would have a lot of questions for her.

She didnt want to go through that.

Back at Mu Mansion, the butler had already tidied up the guest house that was built off the left side of the main building.

Just as the name suggested, the building was used to receive guests and was separated from the main building by a vineyard.

Yun Xi was scared that their esteemed guest would not like living there, but Xiao Jinglins expression told her otherwise.

The smile on his face showed that he felt as if he was returning to his own house.

“Is Mr.

Xiao going to stay there”

“Dont worry.

This isnt his first time staying over.

He stays at the guest house all the time.

Hes decent enough to know that he shouldnt bother us now that youre staying with me.

Theres no way he would want to watch us acting all lovey-dovey.”

“Come on! Hes still an elder to us!” Yun Xi scowled at Mu Feichi.

“And thats why hes more sensible than those brats.”

In the living room of the Yun family home, Yun Yuanfeng was looking at the new suits hed bought for the charity auction that was going to be held the next day.

With Yun Ziling gone, Yun Chuhan had gotten her hands on the other invitation Yun Xi had sent home.

The father had given Yun Chuhan some money for her to buy herself a new dress so that she would not embarrass the family.

Yun Chuhan rarely had the chance to get that much money for a new dress.

Despite acting as if she wasnt happy, she wasnt able to hide the excitement on her face.

It took her a few hours to finally purchase a dress that she was satisfied with.

Knowing that the Young Commander would attend the auction as well, Yun Chuhan wanted to dress herself up and impress him at the event, showing him a side that no one had seen before.

Yun Chuhan didnt even care if she was using Yun Xi to get what she wanted.

To her, it just meant that her sister was still useful.

All she had to do was prove her worth to her father, and she would be able to attend more events like the charity auction.

She thought of how brightly she would shine at the auction and beamed, completely forgetting all the trauma shed endured from being kidnapped.

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