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Chapter 148: Kill with a Borrowed Sword

As she arranged her books, Yun Xi wondered how theyd planned on framing her for cheating on the exam.

If the rumors alone wouldnt suffice, then they had to have found a way to frame her.

They would need evidence.

Suddenly thinking of something, she lowered her head and rummaged through her desk as she carefully tried to remember whether she had lost anything recently.

She hadnt lost anything lately, but since they were going to try to frame her, they would inevitably have to use some of her personal belongings.

What could it be

Suddenly, something flashed through her mind, and she remembered her bracelet that had been stolen by Liang Xinyi.

That bracelet with her name inscribed on it.

Now she understood what was going on!

Huh…it seemed that Liang Xinyi intended to use Li Sinuo and Yang Lu to bring her down without getting her own hands dirty.

Coincidentally, today was the day of the parents meeting, so theyd really picked a good time to mess with her.

Her dad wasnt going to come to the parent meeting, and that gave them a chance to cause a huge ruckus.

And as for what role her mother would play here, she was very curious.

When her mother came, Yun Xi was certain that she would add fuel to the flames.

As for todays good show, since Liang Xinyi was the mastermind, how could she feel so smug if shed done it all on her own.

The first period was their homeroom teachers Chinese class.

The rumors had probably reached him, and the homeroom teacher took a good look at her as soon as class started.

Yun Xi stared back at him without changing her expression.

She did so calmly, without the slightest hint of a guilty conscience.

It was only a quick glance, but the homeroom teacher chose to believe in her.

After all, a student who could write such a brilliant essay with such a sense of righteousness in her tone was not a person who would cheat.

Even if the topic of the essay had been known in advance, it was very well written, and he would have given her full marks no matter what.

He had taught so many students, so he had the wisdom to tell whether or not a student was really of high caliber.

After Chinese class ended, the homeroom teacher called Yun Xi to his office.

The whole class turned to look at Yun Xi one after another in anticipation of her suffering humiliation.

But Yun Xi walked out of the classroom with an impassive expression as if nothing was wrong.

Since autumn was approaching, she was wearing a dark green long-sleeved blouse and a beige long skirt.

Her style was vintage yet classy.

The hem of her long skirt swept the desk, and the pure white color of the desk made the skirt appear like a lotus blooming in a lotus pond but coming out of the dark soil untarnished.

Upon seeing her being called away by the homeroom teacher, Liang Xinyi was so overjoyed that she couldnt hide her glee.

Leaning back in her chair, she could hardly resist the urge to jump up with joy.

As long as Yun Xi was driven back to the countryside, she would have everything that belonged to her in the future.

Including her identity as the Yun familys lady.

Besides, the Yun family hadnt announced her identity to the entire upper classes anyway, and shed only showed her face briefly at the auction.

So soon, as long as Liang Xiuqin could find an excuse to say that there had been a case of mistaken identity years before, Liang Xinyi would become known as the daughter of the Yun family.

Everything would happen naturally, and no one would doubt it.

Thinking of the imminent glory and wealth awaiting her, Liang Xinyi couldnt help but beam more and more smugly

Outside his office, Teacher Xu stood by the window and looked down on the calm, unworried student in front of him.

The students in his class were usually stylishly dressed in designer clothing, but she appeared especially chic in vintage clothing.

In his eyes, her appearance was that of a true Jingdu blue-blood family, and her mannerisms bespoke the cultivation and elegant manners of a distinguished family.

He did not believe for a second that such a dignified person would cheat for a place in the advanced class.

“Yun Xi, there are rumors in the school that…”

“Teacher Xu, when I came in this morning, I heard them gossiping.

They said that my scores on the exam had been obtained by cheating, right”

“Yes, many students have reported this to me this morning, but I dont believe this is true.”

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