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After a long talk with Yun Yuanfeng and her youngest uncle, Yun Xi finally made an excuse to leave.

When she got out of the mansion, she raised her head to look at the gray sky before closing her eyes and smiling bitterly.

The talk had been more than enough for her to see the true colors of her family.

Yun Yuanfeng didnt even try to hide his greed, while her youngest uncle had been carefully probing.

Only her second uncle did not request anything from her.

He even asked if she had enough money to live through the winter.

That made Yun Xi take a glance at her real father, and all she felt was the irony of it all.

There was no warmth in the family anymore.

All that was left were schemes and everyone taking advantage of each other.

It was only then that she was able to understand the reason Mu Feichi had distracted Yun Yuanfeng so that he had been away when the socialite ball had taken place.

If her father had been present at the event, she would have lost all her reputation and pride before she was even crowned the new first-class socialite.

Knowing that Yun Xi would not have any appetite if she were to dine with her family, her second aunt packed two servings of red bean cakes and gave them to her.

“Ill let Yun Chuhan manage the family starting from tomorrow,” Yun Xis second aunt said.

“Dont worry.

I wont let anyone touch what belongs to you.”

Perhaps other people might have no idea why Yun Xi would give the chance to Yun Chuhan, but, after being the family head for half a year, Yao Ying didnt even have to ask to know the reason.

Managing the family was a tedious task, and it was a good opportunity for Yun Chuhan to experience it so that she would finally give up the idea.

By letting Yun Chuhan manage the family first, people would be able to see how Yun Xi was compared to her sister when she finally took her rightful position back.

Yun Xi nodded and noticed Yun Chuhan coming out after them as well.

After saying good-bye to her aunt, Yun Xi turned and left.

“Yun Xi! Wait up!” Yun Chuhan chased after Yun Xi but the latter did not stop.

Instead, Yun Xi simply turned and smirked at her.

“What You cant understand why I would give you this chance, so you want to ask me about it”

“Of course! Theres no way you would be so generous!” Yun Chuhan knew how cruel Yun Xi was, and that was why her dumb sister, Yun Ziling, had ended up completely defeated.

Yet, she was confident that she wouldnt lose to her eldest sister.

“Well, Im not.

You want the truth Well, its simple.

I just dont think you will be a threat to me.

Even if you managed to do a good job, what will you get A few praises from Grandpa.

But, if you fail, youll just be a stepping stone for me.

In the end, Ill still become the next head unless I somehow die.

Youll never have the chance.

Now that Im the first-class socialite, I have a lot on my schedule.

To be honest, its a relief that you are willing to help me for the time being.

Why would I reject such a great offer”

“You…!” Yun Chuhan was speechless.

Shed thought she was on the winning side since she had managed to convince her grandfather, but after hearing what Yun Xi had to say, she finally realized that she had been played.

She had basically fallen straight into a trap that had been solely put there for her.

“Dont get too cocky! Who knows what will happen in the future” Yun Chuhan scolded.

“If anything happens to you, the Yun family will still be mine!”

Yun Xi paused and turned to look at Yun Chuhan.

She smiled and patted her sisters shoulder.

“Youre right.

We never know what the future has in store for us.

You should try your best.

Who knows what will happen, right”

Shed realized that it was a win for her if Yun Chuhan was willing to fight for the position.

It would mean that her sister would not have the time to cause her trouble.

She had basically killed two birds with one stone.

As a close-minded person, it was impossible for Yun Chuhan to realize what Yun Xi was thinking.

The latter smiled at her sister and turned to leave while calling Mu Feichi.

However, after she had only taken a few steps, Yun Yuanfeng ran out of the house and chased after his daughter.

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