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He was wearing the same silk robe as she was!

Touching it caused her to shiver, and she trembled as she tried to pull her hand back.

“Let…let go!” B*stard! Did he want her to use her hand

Her right hand was not injured, and her left shoulder was much better now, but she could not get loose from his grip.

If she had known this would happen, she would have slept in the guest room last night.

“Im not letting go!” Mu Feichi lowered his head and rubbed his nose lightly against her hot, red face.

His deep voice seemed to have some kind of magic to it, and it was so gentle that it could make her let down all her defenses and shyness.

“I dont bully patients.

I can accept it if you change your method…”

He held her wrist tightly and pressed her hand against his iron rod.

She could not help but shiver.

The girls shyness was mixed with curiosity at the unfamiliar touch, and she could not help but want to curl up from embarrassment.

Blushing, she lifted her leg to kick him.

“Mmm…Young Commander, you…youre bullying me!”

Unable to retract her hand, she felt her face and body burning up.

“Babe, youre bullying me now! You can do whatever you want to me…”

He pressed his head down and gently nibbled on her burning ears.

His low, alluring voice tickled her neck, tempting her to surrender to temptation.

“Whos bullying you” This was not bullying, but torture.

“Mmm, I like being bullied by you…” Looking into her frustrated, but beautiful eyes, he could not help but kiss the corners of her eyes.

“Babe, are you trying to torture me by not helping me out here”

“Ill torture you to death! You asked for it.” Didnt he always have good control Why was he so scary after theyd made love once

Mu Feichi let out a long sigh.

His deep, unfathomable eyes were burning with a fire that made her heart palpitate.

Even though she knew that it was this guys trick of earning her sympathy, she still could not help but indulge him and sink into the bottomless pit with him.

It did not seem to matter even if she knew she was being deceived at this moment.

“Babe, if you make me hold it in, Ill be ruined, and you wont be able to have sex for the rest of your life.

Arent you going to reconsider”

“I…I…I can find someone else.”

“In your dreams!” The man was so agitated at this moment.

He was so angry that his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys hurt.

“Over my dead body!”

“Shut up! Dont say that word.” She was most afraid when people like him who she cared about would say the word dead.

This was taboo for her.

She did not want to jinx anything.

Seeing the nervousness in her eyes, Mu Feichi chuckled and rubbed her cheek affectionately.

“Okay, I wont say it ever again.”

Her hand was numb from his grip.

She looked up at the man who was still in high spirits and asked helplessly, “Then what do you want me to do now”

If she really helped him, would she be better than him

Besides, when it came to patience and the art of seduction, she was really no match for him.

Did she have nothing better to do than to compete with a Young Commander from a special forces team

“Help me out, or well just spend the morning in bed.

If something happens to me for holding it in, you can help me check…”

“…” Yun Xi was truly frustrated to the point of laughing at him by his shamelessness.

While her hand was still pressing down on him, she gave his head a vicious pinch.

A certain someone sucked in a breath of cold air from the pain.

He widened his eyes and looked at the little enchantress who was provoking him.

His eyes darkened.

“Babe, youre courting death.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, a triumphant smile spreading across her pretty face.

However, she did not expect that the next moment, a certain someone would suddenly tug at his underwear…

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