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In the Su family, Su Zongping did not have any real power or ability.

He was used to simply enjoying life.

Without the Su familys protection, the Jiang family might kill him in order to make him accompany his dead ex-wife.

Su Zongping gave Chen Lixue a hard pinch and warned her to watch over Liang Xinyi with a vicious look in his eyes.

Then he raised his head and plastered on a smiling face for Su Ximan.

“Ximan, I understand what you and Donglin have done for our family.

As for the marriage, just do what you want.

Dont worry about them, Ill get them to agree.”

Su Ximan glanced at Liang Xinyis resentful expression and laughed lightly.

“Uncle, Ive changed my mind again.

As the saying goes, a melon that is forcibly twisted will not be sweet.

Since Liang Xinyi feels so aggrieved since entering the Su family, then let her experience how life would be without the Su familys protection.”

“No, no, no, Ximan, listen to Uncle…”

Su Ximan raised her eyebrows.

Her cold and arrogant attitude left no room for discussion.

Su Zongpings authority as an elder had been challenged, and he was humiliated.

He was instantly angry.

“Su Ximan! No matter what, Im still your uncle! Please dont bully me.”

If he had known earlier what her family was like, he wouldnt have been so obsessed with marrying Chen Lixue.

It wouldnt have been a problem if he didnt marry her.

He could still play with her however he wanted.

Not only would it have been less troublesome not to marry her, but now shed turned out to be a burden to him.

Su Ximan smirked playfully and did not speak.

Su Zongping panicked.

“Donglin, look at your sister!”

The moment he opened his mouth, he knew that he had asked the wrong person.

Su Donglin and Su Ximan both felt equally angry at the situation.

He turned and looked at Su Zongnian, who was sitting opposite them.

“Big brother! Take care of your two children.

Im their uncle, after all.

Im also a member of the Su family.

Who bullies others like them”

Su Zongnian shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

“Have you forgotten Hes the family head now.”

In the Su family, the family head was in control of the entire family.

He was in charge of all the big and small matters.

Su Zongping choked and stood up angrily.

He was afraid that the Jiang familys revenge could implicate him, so he had nowhere to vent his anger.

When he turned around and saw Chen Lixue pulling Liang Xinyi onto the sofa, he got even angrier.

He picked up a pillow and threw it at Chen Lixue.

“Get lost, you useless thing.

Get out!”

Chen Lixue had already realized what was going on.

She was about to persuade Liang Xinyi to compromise when Su Zongping hit her on the head with a pillow.

She was so scared that she curled up and did not dare to move.

“Whats the fuss Whats with all the noise” Dark figures could be seem coming down the staircase as the butler was helping Grandfather Su down.

Even though he was old, his leanness was filled with toughness and fierceness.

The living room suddenly became deathly quiet.

Su Zongping looked as if he had seen his savior and hurried to help him into the room.

“Dad, look at your grandson.

Is he the head of the family He knows that the Jiang family will not let me off, but he has refused to help me.

Hes trying to kill me.”

“Shut up! How can you blame others for the trouble youve caused Its

Donglin whos in charge now, and Ive already handed over the power to him.

Of course, he has his reasons for doing what he is doing.

Why are you making such a fuss at your old age”

“But…” Su Zongping still wanted to say something, but the old man waved his hand and refused to listen.

“Donglin, come out with Grandpa.”

“Okay, Grandfather.” Su Donglin stood up and helped the old man out of the door.

The winter snow had already stopped.

The Old Master walked a few steps with his walking stick and looked at the snow outside.

He shivered.

“Donglin, this marriage between the Su family and the Han family will definitely create an enormous storm.

Our Su family has always kept a low profile.

Do you know what this means”

“Grandfather, I know what Im doing.

Now that the balance of power between the big four wealthiest families has been broken, it will be difficult for us to remain unaffected.

Perhaps…this is a good opportunity to strengthen the Su family…”

The old man glanced at him and did not say anything else.

He was well aware of the capabilities of the successor he had chosen.

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