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The moment the snow on Tianyu Mountain stopped, Jiang Chenghuan took Zhao Yumo up the mountain.

The rare moment of peace in the living room was interrupted.

Yun Xi, who had been immersed in the tales of Mu Feichis battles, suddenly sat up from Mu Feichis embrace.

Although she wasnt doing anything shameful, she panicked when they arrived, as if she had been doing something indecent.

This made Zhao Yumo immediately stop in her tracks, feeling so embarrassed that she didnt dare step forward into the room.

“I…I think weve come at the wrong time…” Zhao Yumo smiled awkwardly.

She stepped back and bumped into Jiang Chenghuan.

Jiang Chenghuan, on the other hand, wasnt embarrassed at all.

It was as if he was already used to the lovey-dovey behavior of his friend.

His expression did not change as he glanced at the two people on the sofa.

His lips curled into a devilish smile.

“Since were already here, even if its not the right time, the Young Commander couldnt refuse to meet with us.”

Zhao Yumo looked at the relaxed Young Commander Mu who was leaning back lazily on the sofa.

She was used to his arrogant, stern look.

She was not used to him suddenly looking so friendly.

“Stop fooling around.

Have a seat.

What would you like to drink”

Yun Xi beckoned to Zhao Yumo.

Zhao Yumo calmed down and obediently sat down on the sofa.

Jiang Chenghuan called out to the butler in the kitchen before he turned around and sat beside Zhao Yumo.

He stared at the two of them with interest.

“Its early in the morning and its broad daylight.

The night is indeed too short for you.

From now on, the king wont go to court early.”

Mu Feichi shot a cold glance at Jiang Chenghuan, and Jiang Chenghuan immediately changed the subject.

After hed teased the tyrant, he turned to Yun Xi.

“Girl, are your injuries doing all right”

“Im fine.

It was just a small wound.”

Jiang Chenghuan nodded.

“Im glad that youre fine.

I discussed this with my mother this morning.

Ill hold a banquet for you in two days to introduce you to all the relatives of the Jiang family.

Well announce that you hit it off with my mother, and she wants to take you in as her goddaughter.

Its not a small matter.

We have to follow all the customs so that it doesnt look as if were treating you lightly.

After all, I already treat you as my younger sister.”

Only when all the customs had been followed would it show the world of Jingdu how much they all valued her.

It would also let everyone see that the Jiang family would never treat her as an outsider.

Yun Xi stared blankly for a moment as waves of emotion surged within her heart.

She knew why Jiang Chenghuan had done this.

They were trying to tell everyone in Jingdu that although her background was not elevated, she was the younger sister of the head of the Jiang family, and she had the Jiang family behind her.

With the Mu family and the Jiang family protecting her, no matter what she wanted to do in Jingdu, no one would dare to offend her.

“This is my honor, but it seems as if Im making things so troublesome for you.


She really did not know what to say.

In her previous life, they were not close, but, in this life, what she had with Jiang Chenghuan had far exceeded her imagination.

Jiang Chenghuan brushed his hair out of his eyes carelessly and chuckled.

“Its no trouble at all.

Im so happy to have a younger sister.

You dont have to worry about these things.

Mother has experience hosting banquets, so let her keep herself busy.

Shes more than happy to do it.”

“Darling, we came here today because we have something for you.” Zhao Yumo had felt overwhelmed by the Young Commanders aura, but she was okay now.

She raised her hand and took out a black USB drive from her coat pocket.

“This is a video of the top socialites hosting charity auctions for the first time during the last few years.

You can watch and learn from it.

Youre the host, and this is your first time hosting a charity auction like this.

You have to do it properly.

You dont want others to laugh at you when the time comes.”

Yun Xi looked at these two friends with gratitude.

They were not related by blood at all, yet they were always thinking of her.

They werent family, but they were more important than her family had ever been.

“Okay, Ill watch it later.

The two of you have solved all my worries.

With the two of you here, its like being blessed with three lifetimes.”

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