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Yun Xi shook her head and smiled faintly.

She wasnt surprised by his superior observational skills.

Since they were allies, she didnt hide or explain anything.

She calmly replied, “Im fine.

I have a minor injury, but its all right.”

Su Donglin recalled that she and Mu Feichi had left the banquet last night in a hurry and had not returned.

Then, after Huo Tingxiao had left also, hed guessed that something must have happened.

When they were going down the mountain, they noticed that the fence on the mountain path had been broken through.

The road was littered with rocks and sand.

Even though it had been cleared, they could still see the debris.

Today, she had asked to meet him.

She looked like she was seriously ill, so how could he not be suspicious

She didnt offer an explanation, so he did not pursue the matter.

He changed the subject.

“Since youre injured, you should eat something light.”

Su Donglin pressed the bell and instructed the kitchen to prepare warm shredded chicken porridge.

Yun Xi thanked him gratefully, and then they talked about what she had wanted to say.

She raised her hand, pushing the document shed brought over in front of him.

“President Su, why dont you take a look at this proposal If youre interested, we can talk about it.”

Su Donglin took the folder and opened it.

The acquisition plan on the first page made him raise his eyebrows, and his gaze landed on the words Han Group.

Surprised, he raised his head to look at this girl who was drinking her soup with her head lowered.

His cold eyes could not hide his shock.

The acquisition of the Han Group was probably a plan that the other three wealthiest families had thought about, but had not dared to make a move on.

A starving camel was still bigger than a horse.

If any of them could swallow the Han Group, it would be the best opportunity for any family to strengthen themselves.

It was not that Su Donglin had not thought about it before, but the Han family had a deep foundation in the business world.

It would be very difficult to completely uproot it without sufficient capital and backing.

However, this girl who always gave him surprises had dropped a bomb without batting an eyelid.

He could not calm down.

Buying the Han Group, was this this girls idea or the Young Commanders

Was she looking for him alone because she wanted to work with him

From the project that she had casually awarded him to collaborate with the Mu Group, he could tell that the girl was indeed not simple.

She was a genius, and he could not treat her like a child.

“The Han Group is a fat piece of meat that many people are eyeing.

I dont quite understand what Miss Yun means with this.”

“President Su, although we are a few years apart in age, I still quite like the second young mistress as a friend.

The last time I asked you for help, it was to let my aunt join the Su family, and Im sure this has caused you a lot of trouble.

This time, I wont beat around the bush.

Liang Xinyi has schemed against me, and Im a person who always takes revenge.”

“If you want to kick her out of the Su family, thats not a problem at all.

You just need to tell me, and Ill get someone to do it.”

He was the head of the family, so he still had that bit of authority.

Furthermore, she was a burden who was not related to him by blood, so it was easier to handle.

“Kicking her out of the Su family would be letting her off too easily!” Yun Xi laughed, telling Su Donglin everything about her plan.

When Su Donglin heard her plan, he knew that that idiot had really provoked this girl.

They were clearly about the same age, but that idiot Liang Xinyi was really foolish.

Compared to Yun Xi, she didnt have a clue about scheming.

“Today, Im giving President Su a heads-up.

When the time comes, there will be chaos.

I hope you can forgive me for that.

This can be considered compensation for your trouble.

If youre interested in the Han Group, I can do my best to help you.”

“Miss Yun is quite capable.

The Mu Group should be very interested in the Han Group as well, right Why dont you keep this piece of meat for them”

“If the Mu Group gets involved in this mess, it will be hard for the big four wealthiest families to trust the three noble families any longer.

I cant break the rules, right”

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