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She would never have chosen to put herself in such a difficult spot if she had had another choice since her accuracy was nowhere near as good as Mu Feichis.

As the wind rushed past her ears, it made an eerie sound that reminded her of how dangerous the situation was.

Yun Xi ran as fast as she could to the top of the mountain.

It was probably the fastest sprint she had ever done in her life.

Not knowing how many guns were aimed at her head, she could only run with all her might, moving between coverings until she reached the top.

The quiet night was once again disrupted by the sounds of gunshots.

She could hear bullets digging themselves into the snow-covered ground behind her.

Not even a second after the shots were fired, Mu Feichi and Fenghuang Niao simultaneously locked onto their respective targets and pulled the triggers.

Yun Xi had finally reached the top, and she quickly hid behind a huge tree lying on the ground.

She looked at the numbers showing the distance in her scope to determine how far away her target was.

After quickly checking the wind speed and humidity, she locked onto her target.

With a pull of her trigger, she swiftly and without hesitation took one of the mercenaries down.

Almost at the same time, Mu Feichi also took a shot.

Both shots were separated by a mere few milliseconds as so to confuse their opponents about where the two shots had actually come from.

Despite the cold snow under her body, Yun Xi felt as if her body was burning with fire.

Compared to the helplessness and numbness she had felt a while ago, she found it hard to breathe as her body temperature rose.

She quickly reached for her pocket and took out a pill container that she had borrowed from Mu Feichi before they left.

She took a few pills out, three times more than the prescribed amount to be exact, and didnt even hesitate to put them in her mouth.

She then grabbed a handful of snow and shoved everything down her throat.

Even though the pills would not kill her, overdosing on them would make her next period feel like h*ll.

As the ice melted in her mouth, the coldness sent a shock to her teeth and brain, making her feel faint.

She looked at the pursuers who were now ducking behind trees for cover through her scope.

After making certain where her next target was, she quickly covered her rifle with snow as camouflage and pulled her hoodie over her head.

The white jacket that Mu Feichi had prepared for Yun Xi acted as a perfect camouflage for her.

Instead of having to cover herself in snow, all she had to do was lie low and she would be well-hidden.

The forest was silent once again.

She continued to monitor her target through her scope.

There was a weird smell in the icy cold air that night.

She suddenly realized that time was passing by more slowly than usual.

Even though her body was hot, she still felt chills constantly running down her spine, and she started to pant a little.

She bit her lip and swiftly fired her shot at the next target.

On the other side of the forest, Big A, one of the mercenaries who had come from another country, quickly pulled his fist up, signaling his companions to stop moving after seeing quite a few of them getting shot down.

“Boss! Something is off.

How can they take out six of us when there are only three of them One of them is a dead weight too.”

“Who wouldve thought that the legendary Young Commander would be so strong…”

The mercenaries had been chasing after Mu Feichi and his party.

However, it didnt take long for them to learn that their prey was carrying weapons also and had been able to take six of them down in just a short amount of time.

It showed them that not only did they have to be wary of Mu Feichi, who was known to be a legendary gunman, but also of the other shooter as well.

The remaining mercenaries hid behind trees and started to discuss how they should proceed.

They were now under immense pressure after seeing six of their companions lying dead.

“Keep your mouths shut!” Big A, the leader of the mercenaries, snarled.

He gripped his rifle tightly, and a frown appeared on his painted face.

He looked toward the top of the hill as if he was thinking about something.

“Something is wrong… I think the dead weight is also firing at us as well.”

“What How is that possible” One of the mercenaries who was hiding behind a tree exclaimed, “How can a young girl like her fire accurate shots from that distance” ARGH!

As he finished his sentence, a bullet found its way into his thigh, causing him to yell out in pain.

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