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Yun Xi didnt feel quite right physically.

As a medical student, she was well aware of her physical condition and knew that these dance moves wouldnt wear her out so quickly.

She started to feel a burning sensation in her stomach, and she was also beginning to lose focus.

She was gradually getting breathless from dancing as well.

She also started trembling uncontrollably, and a weird sensation was coming over her in waves.

The feeling felt…so familiar, yet so foreign.

Yun Xi bit down on her tongue hard to keep herself steady.

She moved her tongue around in her mouth, and there was a residual taste on it that wasnt from the champagne.

D*mn it! She had been drugged!

Someone had spiked the champagne that she had drunk.

And she was pretty sure that the drug used had been an aphrodisiac.

Someone wanted to make her strip in public to embarrass and disgrace her.

What a cruel and vicious move.

Yun Xi bit down on her lip and tightened her grip on Mu Feichis hand.

Mu Feichi noticed that something was wrong and looked down, whispering, “Whats wrong”

Yun Xi smiled helplessly.

In a rare weak tone, she said, “Sir, I just said that we were courting envy and jealousy.

Now, trouble has come looking for me and found me.”

Mu Feichi frowned.

Although his expression didnt change, the light in his eyes faded to one of concern.

“The champagne I drank was spiked.

I have been too careless.”

Unlike water, champagne had a strong taste and alcohol content.

So it would be hard to detect if someone had spiked it with an aphrodisiac.

The culprit must be from among the guests.

It would be almost impossible for some random person to get past the security and spike her drink at such a high-level event.

After Mu Feichis high-profile announcement of their relationship, every woman in the banquet hall envied her and was jealous of her.

So it shouldnt be surprising that there were people who wanted to harm her.

Also It would be even harder to guard against those who had already been secretly plotting against her.

“Drugged…” Mu Feichi looked down at her with a sullen look on his face.

“What kind of drug was it Is there an antidote”

Yun Xi couldnt help laughing when he asked about the drug.

“Its probably the same thing that Han Wanling gave you previously.”

Mu Feichis face froze, and Yun Xi could feel him tightening his grip around her waist.

He then spoke through gritted teeth, “We will leave now.”

“No! It will be too obvious if we leave immediately.

The person who spiked my drink could still be watching us.

Find a way to get your cousin to come over and pretend to spill some champagne on me.

Then we will have a reason to excuse ourselves…”

Right now, everyone was watching their dance.

If they were to leave without any reason suddenly, people might wonder why and get suspicious.

They also couldnt guarantee that the culprit didnt have a backup plan.

They were out in the open and unguarded while the culprit was hidden out of sight.

It would be hard to guard against anything right now.

Mu Feichis expression sank.

He looked toward where Fenghuang Niao was with a frown on his face.

He moved the hand on Yun Xis waist and covertly tapped a series of words in Morse code.

Fenghuang Niao stood in a corner with her eyes on the couple.

She was neither there to look at any handsome man nor to socialize.

Her only purpose was to keep a close eye on them to ensure that nothing would happen to them.

When she saw Mu Feichi looking at her suddenly, she immediately zoomed in on his hand and saw that he was using Morse code to send her a message.

Fenghuang Niao looked closely at Mu Feichis hand and quickly deciphered the Morse code.

After getting his message, she frowned and left where she was standing.

Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi and slowed down his dance steps while keeping a straight face.

He then whispered to her, “How did you know that I had a way to contact Niao without leaving the dance floor What if she hadnt been here and couldnt see my secret message”

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