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“Since they have already called off the marriage, then it shouldnt be a problem for me to ask her to be my wife, am I right”

“…” His words immediately caused an uproar in the banquet hall!

Even if everyone had already guessed what was on Young Commander Mus mind, it was a different story now that hed said it out loud.

Also, because he had made this statement in front of so many people, he would have no way out of it now.

Some people thought he was just being vague and ambiguous, but no one really knew the truth.

However, Mu Feichi had looked so serious when hed said it that he had probably shattered the dreams of all the women at the socialite ball.

His swift and decisive attitude surprised everyone and made them jealous too.

Everyone had spent a lot of time thinking about Young Commander Mus future partner.

However, no one had expected that his partner would be a young girl who had just come of age.

“Today happens to be her 18th birthday.

Its the day she comes of age, and she has also won the first-class socialite title.

I do not want to upset her by being sloppy about a proposal and engagement ceremony.

So no one will get to see that today.

But since Commander Mu is around, I could ask for his opinion.

Otherwise, no one will have anything to publish in the newspapers tomorrow.”

Mu Feichi looked at Commander Mu, who was standing by the windows.

Besides dragging his father into this matter on purpose, he was also teasing the media, making everyone laugh.

Yun Xi smirked and almost couldnt hold back her laughter, thinking that Mu Feichi was being really cynical.

Since Mu Feichi had thought of what the reporters needed for their jobs, the news of his confession to Yun Xi would definitely be all over the papers tomorrow.

And the reporters would only write about the good parts out of respect for Mu Feichi.

He definitely had a perfectly flawless plan.

Mu Feichi seemed to have sensed that Yun Xi was looking at him.

So, he turned to look at her, who wasnt at all surprised by the things he was doing.

The chemistry and rapport between them were so sweet to behold that they were about to give the people around them a toothache.

“What do you think about this daughter-in-law who can go on the battlefield with your son Is she good enough for you”

“…” After being dragged into this conversation by his son, Mu Chongli froze when everyone turned to look at him.

Mu Chongli glared at Mu Feichi angrily.

As the countrys commanding officer, his son had actually made a move on him in front of everyone.

With so many eyes on him, he couldnt object either, as it would have been embarrassing for both him and the Mu family.”

“You are the decision maker of the family, so you can decide for yourself who you wish to marry,” Mu Chongli grunted as he replied unwillingly.

From Mu Chonglis words, no one could tell if he was supportive of the marriage or not.

But anyway, it was true that Mu Feichi was the head of the Mu family.

Mu Chongli had no right to interfere in who he wanted to marry.

So even if he disagreed, he wouldnt make things too ugly in public.

Everyone was disappointed, and they were all waiting to see how Mu Feichi would react.

Commander Mu then added coldly, “Your grandfather really likes her, so be prepared to get an earful from him if you ever bully her.”

After all, Mu Chongli loved his son.

He would never go against Mu Feichi in public.

Also he had always been genuinely pleased with Yun Xi, especially after the District A test.

Although she wasnt exactly the ideal daughter-in-law he had wanted, she was outstanding compared to the other candidates.

The most important thing was that his stubborn son loved her.

So, if Mu Feichi could protect the girl himself, then there was nothing to worry about from his father.

“…” Though what Mu Chongli had said sounded like a warning, it also showed his acceptance of Yun Xi.

It also confirmed that even though he was Mu Feichis father, this marriage was not something that he could decide about.

If Old Chief Mu had already accepted Yun Xi, his opinions as a father wouldnt matter anymore.

As his fathers reaction was just as he had expected, Mu Feichi smirked, satisfied.

Anyway, Mu Feichi had already asked for his fathers opinion.

Whether his father was pleased with Yun Xi or not, he would still take her as his wife.

If his father really didnt like Yun Xi, they could just not meet each other.

Since Yun Xi would be living with him, he doesnt care what the others think about her.

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