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Before going on stage, Mu Feichi lifted his arm and took off the coat that had been hanging on his shoulders.

Yun Xi took a step back, catching the coat as it slipped from his shoulders, and held it in her arms.

Those two simple movements, so seamlessly coordinated, made the guests, who had been watching these two people closely, come to a realization.

It couldnt be possible that these two had only just met…

Since Qi Siyu had been standing right beside Yun Xi, when the girl stepped back, she hadnt even realized what was going on.

All shed seen was Mu Feichi taking off his coat, elegantly stretching out his arms to straighten the sleeves of his military uniform with such nonchalance in those serious eyes.

He looked so handsome and cool that it made her gasp and suck in a mouthful of cold air.

Underneath the dark green coat, his tall body was wrapped in an army green military uniform.

The symbolic color was wholly unique to him and no one else.

The sharp-looking military uniform added a touch of superiority to the man.

The coldness and nobility emanating from him in every gesture and movement were so intense, it made everyone stare in awe.

Qi Siyu looked at Yun Xi, who was holding his coat, so accustomed to the action that she looked so at ease as if this was simply a normal thing to do.

This was an honor that no other woman had except her, and the realization instantly struck Qi Siyus heart like a tidal wave.

Stepping onto the stage, Mu Feichi nonchalantly swept his eyes across the many guests below.

His deep black eyes gleamed sharply, and his thin lips subtly curved into a smirk.

His voice was as rich and decadent as a fine French wine pouring through the microphone and slowly penetrating the air with a sweet lingering aroma.

“Thank you all for coming from afar to participate in todays grand ball.

When I walked in, I heard some people debating why the first-class socialite had been able to win the title in spite of her lacking a noble background.

Im sure many of you have this same question in mind, right”

The deep voice resonated throughout the hall, and the expectant guests immediately broke out in a chatter when they heard him mention this.

Qi Siyu instinctively turned to look at Yun Xi, thinking she should be nervous since this was a bargaining chip she could never bring to the table.

However, all she saw was her gentle, smiling face staring up at the man on the stage.

Those eyes of hers shone with worship, trust, and a tacit understanding that Qi Siyu would never be able to comprehend.

This girl seemed to have understood the reason why Mu Feichi had said this.

She was neither nervous nor anxious.

It was as if she had given all her trust to him.

Qi Siyu, meanwhile, was left completely clueless.

She had absolutely no idea what Mu Feichi was intending to do.

The guests were deep in their discussions with one another.

Even if they had had their doubts when they came here today, after seeing the first-class socialite standing beside the Young Commander of Jun Country, all their doubts were gone.

For the Young Commander to suddenly bring up this issue on stage, was he trying to humiliate Yun Xi right here and now This was certainly uncharacteristic of Mu Feichi as the Young Commander of Jun Country.

With one single rhetorical question, he had fully aroused the audiences curiosity and desire to know the answer.

Zhao Yumo anxiously tugged at Jiang Chenghuans arm and glared at him angrily.

“What is the Young Commander doing Is he going to embarrass Yun Xi in front of everyone”

Revealing Yun Xis family background in front of so many people would completely destroy her pride.

“Dont panic, just wait and listen.

That tyrant is so protective of his little lamb, do you think he would be that foolish to humiliate his own woman Hes clearly trying to justify her status.”

As this years first-class socialite and biggest winner, Yun Xi had stirred envy and hatred in others, with her background being her greatest weakness that people could criticize her for.

Knowing Mu Feichi, he was certainly not going to let anyone slander his precious sweetheart; not even a disapproving glance would be allowed…

All this fuss was simply because the man could not stand hearing what he did not want to hear, and so he rushed to stand up for his precious little sweetheart.

Zhao Yumo looked at the proud and noble man on the stage.

The nonchalance and confidence he exuded were enough to overwhelm all the young masters of aristocratic families here.

Of course, a man like him would never do something so foolish.

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