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Qi Yichen had said exactly what Qi Siyu was thinking in her heart.

Frowning, she let out a disgruntled snort and turned away.

“So what Just because its her coming-of-age ceremony, this is still a banquet and a ball.

Everyone is still bound to dance, drink, and mingle at a party.

How does any of it affect the two of you”

Qiao Ximin bit her lips, her eyes burning with jealousy and hatred as she muttered, “Shes already stolen the spotlight, and now the Young Commander is adding the icing to the cake.”

“I guess thats what makes all the women fall for our iron-willed Young Commander.”

As he said this, Qi Yichen turned to look at Qi Siyu and sneered coldly, “This is the perk that the woman who stands beside him gets.”

It was also the reason why all these women were so eager to plot and scheme just to be by his side.

Getting this man was equivalent to having what women all over the world dreamed of—prosperity, wealth, a splendid future, and the unconditional love of this glorious man.

“Thats just too much…” Qiao Ximin blurted out with her teeth clenched, unable to suppress the roaring jealousy in her heart.

God only knew how envious she felt of that wretched girl, Yun Xi.

She was so overwhelmed with jealousy that she felt as if she was about to go insane.

Qi Yichen glanced at the two women in front of him engulfed by jealousy and snorted softly, saying, “If youre so envious of what she has, you could always do something at the ball.

The more spotlight she has on her, the more embarrassingly shell fall.

Anything is possible with enough effort.

There is still time for you two to make arrangements.”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Qi Siyu gave Qi Yichen a displeased look, clearly annoyed about his ill-thought-out suggestion.

“This years ball is being hosted by our family.

If anything bad happens, that will just be a slap in our own faces.”

Being the hedonistic man he was, he never cared for things like this.

She, however, was the heiress of the Qi family and a first-class socialite, so she had to protect the reputation of the family.

Holding the teacup in his hand, the wicked-looking Qi Yichen swept his gaze across Qiao Ximins face.

His glance was relaxed, yet so cunningly devilish, it sent a shiver down her spine.

The person she feared the most was not the Prime Minister, but Qi Yichen.

This man was so absolutely unfathomable that it made her heart quiver.

He was a soldier like Mu Feichi.

However, Mu Feichis ruthlessness, dominance, and coldness made everyone madly infatuated with him, while Qi Yichen was like a snake, evil and dark, constantly exuding a frightening aura.

“If youre afraid of embarrassing yourself, why not use the pawn sitting next to you” Qi Yichen looked at Qiao Ximin.

“If she makes a move instead of you, that becomes a battle between socialites.

Then, it doesnt affect you at all, right”

“…” Being called a pawn right to her face made Qiao Ximin instantly turn pale.

If she had been willing to make a move herself, would she be sitting here asking Qi Siyu for help

“Second Young Master, I…the Qiao family has just risen through the ranks.

If the Young Commander finds out that were up to something, Im afraid he will soon take action against the Qiao family.

Our family is still trying to reach a balance among the big four wealthiest families in Jingdu.

I cant harm the Qiaos for a petty gain, and certainly not ruin the Prime Ministers plan.”

With the way Qiao Ximin mentioned the Qiaos, it was clear that every word she spoke was in consideration of her family.

She would never dare act selfishly for her personal grievances.

Qi Yichen chuckled and sneered sarcastically.

“Look at you two, such overly cautious cowards.

What can you even hope to achieve”

“Enough, forget it.

No one is allowed to do anything foolish.”

Qi Siyu interrupted Qi Yichens insulting remarks.

She would be crazy to listen to this man who wished only to see the world burn.

Turning her head around, she warned Qi Yichen sternly, “Especially you, dont you dare cause any trouble for me!”

Qi Yichen shrugged and spread out his hands, looking pretentious and unconcerned, as if none of it had anything to do with him, while a faint smirk lingered on the corner of his lips.

Then he got to his feet, casually ran his fingers through his hair, and strode off.

Talking to these women about these petty matters was such a bore.

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