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Young Commander Mu, who had also been shocked by Yun Xis reply, had snuck into the Tingmei suite to watch her on stage.

At this moment, he was holding his laptop and hiding under a blanket that smelled of Yun Xis scent as he watched her on the livestream.

He had no intention of letting her interfere with his business matters.

He had only intended for Gu Baifan to spare some time with her to guide her so she could understand some of the tricks and schemes in business dealings.

Unexpectedly…his little sweetheart was really smart.

He had to admire her self-taught skills.

Looking at how confident she was on stage, it was as if she had experienced this kind of situation before.

This was not a plan that she had come up with out of the blue, but came from her personal experience.

His gaze gradually darkened.

A cold light flashed through his deep eyes before it disappeared.

Mu Feichi did not mind what difficulties he would encounter or what she had experienced in the past.

However, now that she was the woman that he had taken a fancy to, she could forget about getting rid of him for the rest of her life.

He slowly opened his eyes.

The mans slender fingers were filled with love as they landed gently on the laptop.

The live broadcast stopped and focused on the radiant smile on her face, and the smile on her face bloomed on his fingertips like a flower.

The moment her speech ended, the entire venue erupted into thunderous applause.

The applause lasted for a long time before finally stopping.

Standing on the stage, Yun Xi smiled diffidently as she heard the applause.

When faced with this type of situation, she did not cower in fear, nor did she act arrogantly.

Her natural grace and dignified manner won the favor of many guests.

Huo Tingxiao took the microphone and asked Yun Xi another question.

The room that had originally been filled with discussion fell silent.

No one had expected the Huo familys leader to ask another question.

“Miss Yun, if the person you love was a soldier, he would have many responsibilities and duties.

He might not be able to handle everything in life well.

From your perspective, what would you do”

“…” Yun Xi looked at the man whod asked this question in shock.

If Mu Feichi had asked her this question, she might have answered without hesitation.

However, if this question was being asked by someone else, she would not hesitate either.

This was because the answer had already been planted in her heart, and she did not need to think too much about it.

“Perhaps other women would empathize with him, be his pillar of strength and support while waiting for him in the shadows, but that person is not me.”

When she said that, there was a huge uproar in the crowd.

No one had expected her to answer like that.

“I will work hard to stand by his side and train myself so that I have the right to stand beside him and fight alongside him.

I dont need him to be considerate of me or to protect me.

He can hold up the sky for me, and so can I for him.

There is no law that states that women cannot enter the battlefield and join the army, right”

“…” What answered her was not Huo Tingxiaos voice, but applause.

Standing on the stage, Yun Xi smiled at Huo Tingxiao.

The light in her eyes was hot and dazzling, as hard as a fiery rock.

Her words struck a chord in many peoples hearts.

Many of the socialites present were empathetic, supportive, and quietly waiting to give their all, but none of them wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with a person like that.

It seemed like gently waiting and giving was what a socialite should do.

However, this girls answer had been so firm, so proud, and so filled with endless possibilities and courage.

It had indeed exceeded all of their expectations.

Amid the applause, Qi Yichen squinted his eyes and looked at the stubborn and proud girl on the stage.

His chest felt like it had been hammered by something, and it started to hurt.

At this moment, he seemed to finally understand why Mu Feichi would have such a unique taste and fall for such a young sprout.

This was indeed an interesting sprout.

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