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Yun Xi stood on the stage and looked at the guests below the stage who had their eyes focused on her.

She was not intimidated at all and easily discussed the planning and details of the proposal she had prepared in her previous life.

Those who were interested and understood the ins and outs of business dealings were all full of admiration.

They nodded in agreement as she spoke, their faces filled with wonder.

As the question originator, Huo Tingxiao was both surprised and incredulous when he heard her answer.

Her detailed explanation made him feel as if he was in a tense meeting room.

He felt that he was watching the big boss being faced with all kinds of pressure as he turned the tide when faced with a hopeless situation.

Below the stage, Gu Baifan tilted his head slightly and whispered to Huo Tingxiao, “What a brilliant plan! If it had been me, I would probably have had to spend more time to come up with it.

This girl came up with it so easily.

Its unbelievable!”

With Gu Baifans comment, Huo Tingxiao looked at the stage meaningfully, and his dark eyes became very solemn.

The young girl was extremely smart.

She could think of a plan that impressed these people who could almost be called geniuses in the room.

She was indeed brilliant and talented.

If someone had other thoughts and wanted to use her to their benefit, Mu Jinzhi might not be able to guard against it.

Fortunately, this girl had met Mu Jinzhi.

The two of them were not ordinary people and were fully capable of protecting themselves.

He hoped that he was worrying for nothing.

Otherwise, trouble would keep on coming.

In the guest group, Qi Siyu listened as the guests behind her started to discuss Yun Xi among themselves.

Their whispers were filled with praise and admiration for the girl on the stage.

The more she heard their conversations, the uglier her expression became.

At this rate, the title of top socialite was definitely going to go to this girl.

If she became the top socialite, not only would she be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Mu Feichi, she would probably become her strongest opponent in the future.

It was no wonder that Han Hongbin could not tolerate her.

If such a talented person could not be used by them, she would be the most difficult enemy to deal with once she stood by Mu Feichis side.

The more she thought about it, the more fear she felt.

Among the group of guests, Qi Yichen leaned lazily against the back of his chair, hugging his arm and rubbing his chin as he stared at the tender figure on the stage.

His deep, cold eyes gradually lit up, and his devilish gaze was raised to look at her.

It was as if he had caught sight of his prey and was examining and playing with it with an unfathomable expression.

Compared to the pictures he had seen in the document, the girl on the stage was much more beautiful and lively in person.

She was clearly young, but he could sense the indescribable presence of an expert from her.

It was a toughness and pride that had been honed through time and experience.

This should not have happened to her at her young age, but it had somehow blended perfectly with her youth and vitality.

It was so interesting that it aroused a desire in him to conquer her.

Men like him were naturally proud hunters who enjoyed hunting special prey.

They had good taste and an excellent sense of smell.

The one on stage was really an interesting girl…

The first time theyd met, she had already left such a deep impression on him.

Not only was she charismatic, but even her talent was also amazing.

She was definitely going to be the top socialite this year.

Mu Feichi had such exquisite taste.

This person he liked was indeed extraordinary.

She was such a unique and interesting little girl.

It was no wonder Mu Feichi adored her.

Compared to most of these other ordinary girls, she was indeed unique in every way.

It would not be easy for his sister to beat her.

For some reason, he was looking forward to the battle between the two.

Who would win ultimately

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