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Earlier, Yun Xi had stolen the limelight on the red carpet and attracted the envious gazes of the other competing socialites.

Now, everyone was looking at her as if they were watching a show, waiting for her to make a fool of herself.

Standing on the stage and looking at their gleeful expressions, she did not seem nervous at all.

When Professor Xu was selected by Yun Xi, a hint of surprise quickly flashed across her face.

Then she read out the question she had chosen.

As she read, she sized up the young girl on the stage.

She had stolen the limelight on the red carpet just now, and her every move was dignified and on point.

She had the aura of a noble lady.

When she went on stage to choose her questions, not only was the little girl courageous, but her manners were also excellent.

Even though she knew who the professor was, she did not deliberately avoid her as the other socialites had.

Her calm demeanor was very likable.

The questions she had prepared were not difficult, but they were

questions about etiquette.

The other socialites who had not chosen Professor Xu sighed in regret and frustration when they heard her simple question.

For the second question, Yun Xi chose to answer a question from Huo Tingxiao.

Several of the early contestants had been held back by the man and his attractiveness.

After choosing Huo Tingxiao, they almost couldnt get off the stage afterwards, so no one dared to choose him after that.

Hearing Yun Xi calling him Mr.

Huo softly on stage, Huo Tingxiao finally looked up from his phone.

Following her choice, he picked out the envelope for the second question and read it out loud.

This question was not simple, especially since it involved a business problem.

This problem seemed to be one that many guests had encountered before.

Hearing Huo Tingxiaos question, everyone turned their attention to the girl on stage.

This question seemed as if it would be a little difficult for a young girl like her.

After all, she was still inexperienced and had not participated in the mutual deceptions of the business world.

It would probably be impossible for her to answer this question.

Huo Tingxiao knew that he was making things difficult for Yun Xi, but unfortunately, she chose this question.

Even he could not help but break out in a cold sweat for her.

If it was because of this question that she lost the top socialite title, a certain someone would probably punish him.

Qi Siyu looked at the calm and elegant Yun Xi on stage and felt an inexplicable sense of anticipation.

This question wasnt easy to answer.

Even if she had studied finance before, she wouldnt be able to come up with a solution to this problem in a short period of time.

There were many socialites who came from wealthy families present.

Perhaps they had done this before, so they would know the exact steps and methods.

It was precisely because they knew that, so if this girl said anything wrong, she would expose her shortcomings.

After Yun Xi quietly listened to the question, she narrowed her eyes and smiled.

The hand holding the microphone couldnt help but tighten a bit, and the smile on her lips became even more unrestrained and bright.

She had not lived in vain in her previous life.

This question was a bargain for her.

She could use her previous lifes proposal that had helped the Han Corporation survive the bankruptcy crisis to answer this question.

She knew exactly how to deal with the financial shortcomings, how to handle the crisis, and how to turn around what seemed like an impossible situation.

She had stayed up late for more than a week to modify the proposal, stayed up late to formulate a concrete plan, and even drank with clients until her stomach had bled.

It had not been for nothing.

The success of this proposal had turned the Han Corporations crisis around in her previous life, and it became a successful case in the business world.

She was just lucky.

She looked at Huo Tingxiao and Jiang Chenghuan, who both looked a little worried, and told them her plan with a smile.

“If the company is facing financial difficulties…” Listening to her detailed analysis and the plan that she did not hesitate to mention, the lively venue instantly fell silent.

Many of the guests present were experienced businessmen, and some of them were even rich businessmen who had undergone complicated business conflicts.

When they heard the solution that she was talking about, they felt that it ticked all the boxes at once.

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