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As the sun went down, it got colder around the Luyi Villa since it was situated in the mountains.

It snowed the entire afternoon before stopping at night.

During dinner, Yun Xi received news about the arrangements for the contest tomorrow.

After the first-class socialite was chosen, the event would get even livelier at night.

Representatives from many wealthy families would show up at the villa to attend the ball tomorrow night.

There were outstanding talents from all walks of life, business elites, and family heads of renowned families among the attendees.

So, the connections one could get by attending the ball would be beyond anyones imagination.

Although expanding her social network was something Yun Xi needed to work on, she was still much more relaxed about it than the others.

Zhao Yumo wished Yun Xi happy birthday at midnight, then returned to her room to continue texting Jiang Chenghuan.

The two rooms in the Tingmei suite werent very far from each other, but they were still independent rooms with privacy.

Yun Xi sat down in front of her laptop and started reading the information about all the guests that had been sent by Xiang Yuanjiu.

She paid extra attention to the various renowned wealthy families in Jingdu and filtered out the useful information.

She could save more time and effort in her networking if she knew more about her targets.

With all the information in mind, she could also avoid making mistakes and wasting time.

While she was engrossed in her reading, her screen suddenly went black, and a series of codes began appearing on her screen.

Yun Xi froze for a moment and then stood up with a chuckle.

She got herself a cup of hot tea and wrapped herself in a thick blanket before returning to her laptop.

As soon as she sat down, Mu Feichis face appeared on her screen.

The surroundings were dim, and he was sitting too near his laptop screen, so Yun Xi could hardly see where he was.

“Babe, happy birthday!” Mu Feichis mellow voice sounded from the speakers, and he looked so gentle and doting on the screen.

“Thank you…” Yun Xi smiled, and her eyes curved into crescent shapes.

She felt as if she had been waiting the whole day, just to hear this birthday wish from him.

She didnt know if he would make it back in time for her birthday.

However, she knew that he had more important responsibilities than celebrating her birthday with her.

Since she had chosen to be with him, there would be more of such regrets in the future, and she must learn to live with them.

“Is everything all right on your mission”

“Yes.” Mu Feichi only gave a brief answer as he didnt want anything to interrupt their private moment.

“I will be back soon.

Wait for me!”

“Just come back safely, and you dont have to worry about anything else.

It will be the same if you come back and celebrate with me after I win the first-class socialite title.”

Mu Feichi smiled.

He silently looked at her delicate appearance through the screen, and he felt his heart melt completely.

Yun Xi would be turning 18 and would come of age this year.

If Mu Feichi couldnt celebrate with her personally, it would definitely be the greatest regret of his life.

It would just never be the same for some matters.

“If you win the title of first-class socialite, I will definitely come back for the first dance with you.

So you must do your best to make sure no other women can take advantage of my pure innocence.”

Yun Xi was amused when she saw how serious Mu Feichi looked.

So, she couldnt help answering him in a coquettish voice, “Sir, you are talking about yourself as pure and innocent”

Mu Feichi acted as if he had had a sudden realization and nodded.

“Oh, right! I have already lost all my innocence to you, so I definitely cant say that.

Babe, if thats the case, the more you have to be responsible for me.”

“…” Yun Xi glared at him briefly before starting to chat with him casually.

“Many guests have arrived at the villa today, and it was bustling.

And, I noticed that there was a Qi Yichen on the list.

So, I guess he must be Qi Siyus younger brother, right”

“Thats right.

He is Qi Siyus twin brother.

But he is much more secretive and mysterious than Qi Siyu, so you must be careful and dont interact with him if you can help it.”

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