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After passing the assessment and making it into the finals, the hotel arranged for cars to escort all the ladies directly to Luyi Villa.

Yun Xi called Mu Feichi hoping to share the good news, but the phone rang for a long time and no one answered.

When she tried to call the Mu Mansion instead, the butler said that Mu Feichi was away on a mission, so she didnt call again.

It was only until late at night, when she was already in bed, that she received a call from Mu Feichi.

It was snowing outside the window, while the room was warmly heated.

She did not know whether he was executing tasks out on the field or commanding behind closed doors.

In such cold weather, she suddenly felt her heart ache thinking of his dedication to defending his beloved home and country.

”Young Commander, its snowing.” She put on a nightgown and pushed open the floor-to-ceiling windows to step out.

A layer of snow was piled thickly on the railings of the balcony, and the awning above left a piece of the crisp and cold world that was untouched on this small balcony.

She stood under the awning, looking at the brightly lit street outside, while snowflakes fluttered in the dim yellow light.

A few days after the winter solstice was Christmas Eve, and there was already a hint of Christmas atmosphere in the surrounding streets.

Since the hotel was hosting the assessment, the staff did not decorate the Christmas tree for safety reasons but had only put snowflake stickers on the floor-to-ceiling windows of the first floor.

Then, she suddenly remembered that the upcoming winter solstice—which was the day after tomorrow—happened to be her birthday as well, which was also the day when the social banquet would be held.

She vaguely recalled that last year, Mu Feichi had returned in time from a faraway mission and brought her dumplings.

For her coming-of-age ceremony this year, she just wanted to be with him.

Even if they did nothing together, looking at his face made the time pass a little slower.

”Yeah, its snowing here too.”

”I suddenly crave the dumplings you make.” The coldness that gushed at her face made her lower her head, and she started to miss the mans warm embrace.

”Okay, Ill make them for you once Im back.”

”Are you out on a mission right now Is it cold Ive made it into the finals, will you be back for it”

When she heard his deep voice, she realized that none of what she said was worth mentioning.


I heard that Qi Siyu deliberately made things difficult for you and gave you the same score as Liang Xinyi.”

”You know about that too” Yun Xi couldnt help but smile.

“I couldnt be bothered honestly.

If I end up having to come face to face with her, I wont go down without a fight.”

”Hmm, I thought my baby would come crying and complaining to me.

I didnt expect such resilience.”

”Of course, I want to be able to stand by your side.

If I cant even withstand such pressure, what could I possibly do for you”

”You dont need to do anything for me.

All you need to do is take a step forward, and you can leave the rest to me!” Mu Feichi chuckled softly, and his deep voice was filled with an overwhelming adoration for her.

“Have a good rest.

Ill have Ling Jing deliver the dress to you, and Ill be back on the day of the banquet.”

”Okay, you be careful out there yourself!”

After she hung up, she looked up at the fluttering snowflakes and let out a warm heated breath.

With her head lowered to cover her neck from the cold, she returned to the cozy room.

She had not noticed that on the street outside the hotel, a car had been parked silently in the snow for a long time.

With a thick layer of snow on its roof, the car was dark, and passers-by could not see anyone inside.

The dim light on the side of the road shone into the car, and Mu Feichi hung up the phone and looked through the dim light to see the vacant balcony while the screen of the phone in his hand was still lit.

On such a cold and quiet night, his yearning for her came crashing in like a tidal wave.

If it wasnt for the sake of baiting the Crocodile, he wouldnt have to forbear himself and be so cautious.

The moment he heard that the little girl was wronged, he hurried over and almost ruined his plan.

No one was sane in the world of love!

With a sigh, he put his phone away and told the driver to drive.

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