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She was disqualified in the first round of the competition.

This was the most humiliating and embarrassing day in Jiang Yuwens entire life.

She was completely put to shame in front of the one person she wanted to defeat the most.

On top of that, she was publicly embarrassed in front of all the socialites of Jun Country.

All the shame she could possibly experience in this lifetime had been accumulated here today, and no amount of perseverance could douse the burning rage she felt right now!

At this moment, all she wanted to do was to yell at Qi Siyu and the rest of the socialites, but she knew all she would receive in return was just more ridicule and disdain, while she ended up becoming the joke of the town and a clown in everyones eyes.

Unable to bear the shame any longer, she clutched the dress by her chest.

Turning around all of a sudden, she scoffed coldly and ran out of the banquet hall.

Despite it all, she was still the young madam of the Jiang family.

Wasnt that more than enough reason to call herself a socialite Well, screw them!

The torn dress was dragged away with Jiang Yuwen, and Liang Xinyi looked at the group of judges, and then at the judgemental crowd who were lost in their chatter, rejoicing in the unfortunate turn of events, and finally turned her attention to Yun Xi who seemed unbelievably calm.

She was sure that all of this was Yun Xis doing!

However, this outcome wasnt too bad after all.

Without Jiang Yuwen as a competitor, they all stood a better chance at winning!

Yun Xi was seated in front of Zhao Yumo.

After watching the entertaining performance, Zhao Yumo poked Yun Xis back from behind.

She leaned over and whispered, “It was truly a great show.

I feel much better now!”

Yun Xi smiled faintly, and her eyes were met with Liang Xinyis provocative gaze while her expression remained unchanged.

Her lips then curved into a skittish smirk as she looked away and gazed at the judges in front of her.

There were two acquaintances of hers among the judges.

One was the principal of Jing High School, and the other was an honorary professor of Jingdu University.

It seemed that the selection process of this assessment was truly a serious matter that was not to be taken lightly.

This was particularly true for the experts and professors in the academic world.

Many of them attached great importance to etiquette and culture, so it was no wonder that Jiang Yuwen meant nothing in their eyes.

When it came to someone like her—an ill-mannered daughter of a wealthy family—no matter how good her background was, without the grace and demeanor of a lady, putting herself out there would only bring shame to her family.

About 70 to 80 people were participating in the assessment, and only 30 would be selected for the final banquet, while the rest would be eliminated.

Only those with outstanding backgrounds, intellect, talent, and appearance would remain.

To Yun Xis surprise, Liang Xinyis performance was better than she had expected.

She performed so well that Yun Xi actually found it unbelievable, as if… she knew the evaluation questions beforehand.

She was well aware of Liang Xinyis capabilities.

She could never pass the spoken English test, then again, she had chosen Qi Siyus test questions among all the judges.

The questions tested were rather challenging, and her oral responses were just merely acceptable.

Fortunately for her, she got all the answers correct, and Qi Siyu gave her a score that was just above the passing mark.

After several tests in a row, the scores she got from Qi Siyu were not too bad, and her scores totaled up to be slightly higher than everyone elses, and that exceeded Yun Xis expectations.

Zhao Yumo was watching Liang Xinyis performance from below the stage.

With a frown on her face, she poked Yun Xis back in confusion and whispered, “When did she suddenly become so smart Did the sun rise in the west this morning” Even she could tell there was something wrong here.

Although Yun Xi was no genius, she could still see the amount of cheating and acting that was involved.

Especially with Liang Xinyis unconcealed prideful and victorious face, and how Qi Siyu kept giving her such high scores as if she was completely unaware of the fact that Liang Xinyi was cheating made it even more interesting!

With that in mind, Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at Su Ximan who was sitting next to her.

Su Ximans lips curled playfully back at her, and the two of them smiled tacitly.

Without exchanging a single word, they both knew what was going on there.

It was Yun Xis turn to take the stage.

To avoid suspicion, she did not choose the questions of her two acquaintances, nor that of Qi Siyus either.

Instead, she chose to answer the questions of the other female judge present.

The question she got was a tricky one— read the English paragraph shown on the projected screen and translate it into Chinese.

This was a world-renowned book with very professional nouns in it.

If one word of it was mistranslated, the meaning of the entire paragraph would be different.

Moreover, this was a famous book that had already been translated by a translator, so any mistakes made would appear even more striking.

Qi Siyu looked at the English sentences above her, then smirked ever so slightly.

Her eyes settled on Yun Xi, seeming as though she was eager to watch how she would perform.

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