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Having the head of the Jiang family come forward to stand up for a socialite was enough to shock everyone.

However, for him to confront his direct cousin for a socialite that wasnt even related to him right in front of all these people, she had no way to step down with everyone watching.

How embarrassing!

It was just the start of the day, and Jiang Yuwen was speechless by Jiang Chenghuans imposing attitude.

She scoffed when she heard that her second aunt wanted to accept this girl as her goddaughter.

It took her a long while before she remembered to recollect her pride as a young madam of the Jiang family.

”Shes a lowly girl, how is she worthy of being part of the Jiangs”

If she became the godsister of Second Master Jiang, despite her being an outsider, the family will take extra care of her for his sake, given that hes the head of the family.

If that happens, how will she be able to secure her position as the young madam of the Jiang family

”Who are you to judge her worth The decisions of the Jiang family are not yours to make! Jiang Yuwen, youd better watch where you stand.

If you dont watch yourself and embarrass the familys reputation, Ill have the right to deal with you on behalf of your father.”

On typical days, he would show a friendly face to everyone, but it did not mean that he was completely useless as the head of the family.

”What do you mean by that, Jiang Chenghuan You… you would do that for an outsider…”

”I treat her as a younger sister.

Shes never been an outsider to me.”

”But Im your older cousin! Cant you even tell whos the real outsider here”

Hearing her say that made Jiang Chenghuan laugh out loud.

Compared to the bunch of them in his uncles family who had always wanted him dead, Yun Xi—the outsider—had watched his back time and time again.

He knew who treated him well.

”With that aggressive, arrogant, and stubborn attitude of yours now, do you really think that youre behaving like a noble lady at all You look more like an old shrew who goes shouting at people on the streets! If you dare disgrace the Jiang family, Ill go after your father for this!”

”You…” Jiang Yuwen was so enraged that her face turned dark, and yet she could do nothing about it in front of the almighty head of the family.

Even if she wanted to have an outburst, she had to take into account her own pride and consequences, so she could only hold it in and tremble with fury!

Yun Xi had never seen Jiang Er be so serious and disdainful toward anyone.

That aura and persona of the head of the family was no farce.

He had kept it so well hidden all this while, but the moment he erupted, he completely blew everyone away!

Jiang Chenghuan ignored Jiang Yuwens bubbling fury.

He turned his head to look at Yun Xi, who was standing next to him, and his face unwittingly changed into a sunny expression.

He tugged his jaw and pulled out a familiar smile, “Go up and have a rest! Ill be waiting for you at the final banquet!”

”Sure!” Yun Xi nodded, dragging Zhao Yumo with her as she sneaked off.

Since she failed to keep a low profile and even offended Miss Jiang, she may as well offend her to the very end.

After all, she had never been afraid of anyone anyway.

Jiang Yuwen stared angrily at the figure that disappeared behind the elevator doors.

When she turned her head around, she saw Qi Siyus gloating eyes, and the fire in her chest burned even more vigorously!

Jiang Chenghuan put his hands in his pockets and turned back around.

He glanced at the chattering ladies around him, then reached out his hand to greet them casually, returning to his usual hedonistic self as the son of an aristocratic family, while smiling with crescent eyes, “All the best to you ladies.

See you at the banquet!”

With that, Jiang Chenghuan turned and left.

The smile on his face disappeared as soon as he turned around.

The ladies behind him blushed as they looked at the charming and kingly man in charge of the Jiang family, and they suddenly broke into a lively chatter.

No one paid any attention to how embarrassed Jiang Yuwen was.

”So thats the head of the Jiangs.

He sure is handsome…”

”If I could become the wife of Second Master Jiang, I would be laughing in my dreams!”

Listening to their discussion, Qi Siyu smiled, “Do your best, ladies! Who knows Maybe Second Master Jiang might just choose one of you to be his missus!”

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