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While biting her lips, Liang Xinyi turned her trembling body to look at Su Ximan in the eyes and scolded, “Miss Su, even if you dont like me, dont you dare humiliate me.”

Su Ximan nonchalantly took her key card from the hotel manager, and looked at Liang Xinyi who was pretending to be a weak little girl.

“Why would I even need to humiliate someone who doesnt pose a threat to me Is there any point for me to do that” Su Ximan scoffed.

“But, if we want to talk about who doesnt have the right to be here, it has to be you.

You arent the young lady of the Su family nor are you part of the Han family.

What Are you trying to ruin other peoples chances just because they have it better than you You are just a greedy and jealous person.

I dont even see an ounce of culture that someone from a prestigious family should have.”

Su Ximan was simply too lazy to argue with Liang Xinyi anymore.

She had never liked Chen Lixue and her two daughters from the moment their mother had married her uncle so that they could become part of the Su family.

She hated them to the point where even talking with them felt like a humiliation.

After taking her key card, the young lady from the Su family turned to blink at Yun Xi with a playful grin before walking toward the elevator.

The only reason she had helped was so that the crowd would understand who was in the wrong there.

It would be better for Yun Xi to fight back on her own as that was more satisfying.

In the end, she was still a well-known person, and her words were much more credible than Yun Xis, someone who most of the people present didnt know.

The only thing that puzzled Su Ximan was how Liang Xinyi dared to act all high and mighty when she didnt have the success nor the family background to back her up.

“Wasnt that Su Ximan from the Su family of the Big Four Conglomerate Families Is what she said the truth”

“She doesnt seem like the kind of person who would joke about this, so it must be.”

“Seriously, which family did that lady even come from Perhaps shes the one who snuck in instead”

“Could be.

I mean, look at her coat.

Isnt that a past season design from M brand”

The tide was suddenly turned, and Liang Xinyis face turned pale as people started to talk about her instead.

“D-dont listen to their bull**!”

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Zhao Yumo scoffed as she coldly looked at Liang Xinyi who had just dug her own grave.

“Bull** Thats the young lady of the Su family.

Do you think shes willing to risk her reputation by framing someone Who the heck do you think you are No one here even knows who you are!”

“I do!” someone suddenly shouted from behind the crowd.

Liang Xinyi recognized the voice instantly and was relieved.

It was as if her savior had finally arrived.

She had been trying to stall time for that person.

Jiang Yuwen arrived in a black leopard-skin coat.

Her brunette hair rested perfectly on her shoulder, which perfectly complemented her prideful face.

Zhao Yumo couldnt help but frown the moment she saw Jiang Yuwen, as she knew that the young lady from the Jiang family would be hard to deal with.

Not only was Jiang Yuwen a complete idiot, but she was also the type who would bury someone she didnt like.

“Miss Jiang, didnt you say that you are the only one representing the Jiang family” Liang Xinyi asked.

“Look at her! Shes using the Jiang familys name to participate in the pre-judging! Im sure you havent heard of it yet”

Every word that Liang Xinyi had said reminded Jiang Yuwen that the Jiang family had sent another person, who they thought was a mere nobody, to try and compete for the title of the First-class Socialite.

Jiang Yuwen wouldve ignored it, but Yun Xi was there representing the Jiang family as well.

“Who the heck are you I dont know you,” Jiang Yuwen took Yun Xis invitation from Liang Xinyi and frowned.

“This is my cousins stamp.

How did you get it”

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