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Qi Yichen could not understand what good his sister saw in Mu Feichi, to the point where she always thought about him and even refused countless invitations for dates from successful men.

“Im just curious, but whats so good about him that you are willing to wait for him I mean, we men can wait, but you girls…” Qi Yichen paused as he could feel the glare from Qi Siyu.

He then shrugged and sighed, “Hey, Im just trying to help here.”

Qi Siyu knew that girls like her couldnt wait for a man for too long.

However, she still believed it was worth waiting for Mu Feichi.

“You would never understand.

Hes worth the wait,” she raised her head to look at her brother, who seemed worried about her.

Although they were twins, their personalities were completely different.

Compared to men, women always believed in fairytales when it came to romantic relationships.

“Well, if you think that I would never understand, then let me tell you why I think he fell for a young lady, at least from a mans perspective,” Qi Yichen said and took the red file away from his sister again before heading toward the living room.

Qi Yichen had always seen Mu Feichi as his rival and had been studying the Young Commander for years.

Even though he still hadnt really read through his rival, he was still confident that he knew more about Mu Feichi than his sister.

Qi Siyu was confused as she watched her brother leave.

After pondering for a few seconds, she decided to follow him.

“Well, well, look at this.

Who wouldve thought that she only came to Jingdu from a small village just more than a year ago And in just such a short amount of time, she managed to become friends with so many prestigious families.

Although people in our circle always care about their interests first, there is one thing thats different about her.”

“Whats that” Qi Siyu asked with a frown.

She knew that having connections are most important in their circle, but only because that could bring each individual more benefits.

“The fact that shes studying medicine gives her a lot of chance.

She gained all of her connections by saving peoples lives.

Even if she doesnt ask for anything in return, the pride of the prestigious families would not let any good deed go unrewarded.

Im pretty sure she has saved the lives of people from both the Jiang family and Mu family.

Heck, they must be dying to repay those favors now.”

Although Qi Siyu did not know that Yun Xi was studying medicine, she understood what her brother was trying to say.

If a prestigious family were to let the person who had saved their family go unrewarded, they would lose the respect of the people.

“Also,” Qi Yichen added.

“Look at this.

Shes been heading into Mount Tianyu every two or three days.

Im sure you know what that place is, right Thats Mu Feichis territory.

Even the President would have to go through a lot of procedures to get in there.

But, look at her.

Shes going there as if the place is her home.

You havent even been to Mu Mansion yet.”

“Do you find it entertaining to provoke me like that” Qi Siyu glared at her little brother while clasping her fists tightly under her sleeves.

“For a successful man from a prestigious family to become interested in a young lady with no family background, that means she has something that other women dont have.

Something like courage and temperament.

The problem with ladies born with a golden spoon, is that you girls want everything to be perfect.

However, sometimes, being perfect makes you girls look bland.

Do you think Mu Feichi would actually fall for girls that can be found everywhere nowadays Even I wouldnt.”

“But…” Qi Siyus remaining pride was slowly being chiseled away by her brothers words.

She suddenly raised her head and met her brothers eyes.

“But, hes the head of the Mu Family! Theres no way he will marry a lady with no family background!”

“That is why to him, girls like you are nothing more than normal people.”

Qi Yichen didnt even care if he was talking to his twin sister.

Every word he said felt like a knife aimed at her.

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