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When Yun Xi and Mu Feichi arrived at the hospital, Old Master Jiangs head physician and a few other doctors happened to just exit the ward.

With their face masks still on, they turned to Jiang Chenghuans parents, who had been waiting outside for the past few hours, and reported, “The vaccine is working.

We are very fortunate that Old Master Jiangs body is still very healthy.

However, he is still weak and needs his rest to make a full recovery.”

“Thank you so much, doctors!” Jiang Chenghuans parents thanked the doctors.

However, they were still anxious until they finally saw the nurses push Old Master Jiang out of the ward.

It was only then that everyone let out a sigh of relief as things were finally over.

Yun Xi also felt relieved when she saw the old masters condition improve after being injected with the vaccine.

For the past few days, she had been worried that the old master might not make it through despite providing a few prescriptions to help slow down the infection.

She had her reasons to worry.

Old Master Jiang was old and his body wouldnt be able to fight the virus as a young person could.

Before the vaccine was successfully developed, things were not looking good for him.

However, with the success of the vaccine research, they were able to help the old master.


and Mrs.

Jiang, you should thank Miss Yun here too.

She has been helping us a lot,” the head physician said.

Yun Xi was the one who noticed the problem first, which gave the doctors the chance to serve one of the Three Great Clans.

For that, they felt honored.

“Of course! We owe a lot to Miss Yun as well,” Jiang Xukun, who rarely spoke, said.

“Miss Yun, our family now owes you a huge favor.”

Old Master Jiang also turned to look at Yun Xi.

Due to the virus, he looked weak and exhausted.

“Young lady, I owe my life to you.

Well definitely remember what you did for our family.

If you need anything, just let Chenghuan know.

Hes the head now, and hell help you with anything you want.”

“Its okay, Grandfather Jiang.

This is my responsibility as a doctor.

I just did what I had to do.

This is also my way of thanking Chenghuan for giving me a seat at the Socialite Ball.”

“Oh Thats great!” Li Shuyuan was surprised as her son had been hiding who he had invited to the ball in their familys name.

“We only have a son.

Now that you are attending the ball in our familys name, its just like you are our daughter! What do you think, Yun Xi Why dont you just become my goddaughter instead This will give you even more rights to attend the ball!”

Anyone could participate in the Socialite Ball as long as they managed to secure a spot, but that wouldnt mean that their status would change.

However, if Yun Xi were to attend the ball as the younger sister of the Jiang familys head, then everything would be different.

Now that Yun Xi was their familys savior, there was no way they would want to see her being humiliated at the event.

Jiang Xukun and Li Shuyuan had heard about the few incidents that happened in the Yun family from their son as well.

Since Jiang Chenghuan was their only child, they would be happy to have a daughter, especially when Yun Xi had helped their family a lot.

“But…” Yun Xi was surprised by the sudden proposal.

She looked at Li Shuyuan, and turned to look at Mu Feichi who was nodding.

Yun Xi understood that the Jiang family was trying to protect her, but the status they were offering her was just too much.

“Whats wrong Do you not like it” Li Shuyuan asked.

Being asked in that manner by such an elegant woman, Yun Xi couldnt bring herself to refuse the offer.

Yun Xi hesitated and turned to look at Mu Feichi.

Knowing that she was born as a star of death, she was worried that she might bring trouble to the Jiang family.

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