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After all that Yun Xi had experienced in her past life, exacting her revenge on Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling wasnt her only goal in her new one.

After being reincarnated, the thing that she wanted to do the most was to push both Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin into hell with her own hands.

The marriage was just the start of the show, and she still had many things in store for them.

“But seeing you getting rid of your competition because of jealousy is, well, tasty to watch,” Mu Feichi teased with a playful grin as he poked Yun Xis reddened cheek.

The lady rolled her eyes, unable to believe that he actually had the energy to make such a joke when he was injured.

However, after witnessing him making snow roses for her with his bleeding hand, she knew that he could handle the pain.

Although it did not make sense, she found it plausible that he had the energy to tease her despite his wound.

Yun Xi turned to throw the used bandage into the trash can before helping Mu Feichi put his robe back on.

She then sat down on the carpet, in front of the man, and stared at him.

He was just inches away from her.

As Mu Feichi had laid down on the couch, their heads were at the same level.

When their eyes met, she could see the affection he had for her in his eyes.

The silence continued for a few seconds before the man blinked and nonchalantly asked, “So what are you planning to do with your sister”

“I dont have time to deal with her for now.

Im sure the kidnapping incident is more than traumatizing enough.

If she still thinks that shes suited to stand next to you, then we can try and scare her a little more.

That girl is nothing more than a bookworm, nothing more and nothing less.

Her goals arent even realistic.

The only way she can achieve her goals is in her dream.”

Yun Xi had worked really hard and had sacrificed a lot just so she could stand next to Mu Feichi, and she never saw Yun Chuhan, who couldnt achieve anything on her own, as a threat.

“I love it when you are jealous!” Mu Feichi laughed.

“You suspected that the kidnapping is just a smokescreen, right We actually found out that there might be some movement on their site, so you could be right.

Since they have another plan up their sleeves, you better be careful.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Im not worried that they have another plan.

Instead, Im scared that they might not do anything.”

“Well, no matter what the Han family tries to do, well be ready.

Whats important now is the Socialite Ball.

Are you prepared”

Yun Xi shrugged as if the ball did not matter much to her.

“I dont really care if I win the title or not.

The only reason Im going is because of Liang Xinyi.

However, after learning about the selection process, Im not even worried.

Theres no way Liang Xinyi could pass the second test, which is a language test.”

With the memory of her previous life still intact, Yun Xi was at least somewhat confident with her foreign language skills, unlike Liang Xinyi, who couldnt even construct a simple sentence.

“You do know that the reward for this years First-class Socialite is a dance with me, right Arent you at least excited about that”

Yun Xi grinned cunningly and laughed.

“Im actually more excited to see you dance with another woman.

I wonder what kind of a face you would make.

Maybe disgust Since you never liked women getting close to you, Im sure all the ladies will try everything they can to have a dance with you.

Im really intrigued as to what you would do then.”

“Oh! Shut up!” Mu Feichi grunted and poked her cheek again.

“You know I set this reward up just to lure Han Wanling back! Theres no way you can get rid of her if she keeps staying abroad.”

“Wow! I didnt know that you were willing to sacrifice yourself for my goal! What if I let you down”

Mu Feichi moved even closer to her, to the point where their noses touched.

“Then you better be prepared.

I dont want you to beg for my mercy when that happens.”

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