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At the mention of a new virus, everyone in the room immediately tensed up.

“Yun Xi…” Jiang Chenghuan stood awkwardly next to Old Master Jiang, feeling anxious.

Yun Xi looked at Jiang Chenghuan and ordered him, “You have to go to the living room and stay with your parents.

Make sure to isolate the butler and the maids.

All of you have come in close contact with this room and are considered secondary cases.

Dont stay near me or Old Master Jiang before we can confirm if its a new virus or not.”

“Theres no time to argue! Go! Ill discuss the rest of the stuff with the Young Commander.

If its really a new type of virus, it could have a high infection rate and could cause damage to the breathing system.

Well all be in trouble since there are no vaccines for it yet.”

“You have to come with me too.

I cant make trouble for you like this.”

“Im a doctor! How can I leave a patient to suffer alone Ive taken a lot of vaccines, and all those antibodies could actually protect me.

Just shut up and go! I still have something for you to help with later.

Ill call you.”

“Young lady…” Old Master Jiang had finally caught his breath and rolled himself back a little to put some distance between him and her.

“You should go too.

Youre still young, and you have a bright future ahead of you.

I dont want you to waste your life for an old man like me.

I dont mind if this is the end for me, but please promise me that nothing will happen to Chenghuan.

Hes the head of this family, and he cant go down just yet.”

“Grandpa,” Jiang Chenghuan cried, “I wont let anything happen to you!”

Yun Xi glared at Jiang Chenghuan impatiently and scolded him.

“Just go! Help the Young Commander.

Leave Old Master Jiang to me.”

However, Jiang Chenghuan remained standing there still.

“Go!” Yun Xi approached him and kicked him, forcing him out of the room.

As Old Master Jiangs room was most likely full of the virus, spending any more time in it would increase Jiang Chenghuans risk of getting infected.

The most important task Yun Xi had to do at the moment was to contain the virus and prevent as many people from getting infected as possible.

After locking the door, Yun Xi turned to look at the Old Master who was gasping for air by the window.

Still keeping her distance, she comforted him, “Old Master Jiang, dont worry.

I wouldnt have stayed if I didnt have full confidence that I could treat you.

But you have to promise me that youll fully cooperate with me, okay”

The only thing that the lady was thankful for was that the Jiang family was a prestigious family, one that could draw on a huge range of networks and money at any given time.

“Young lady…its not worth it.” Old Master Jiang was surprised that this young girl would actually risk her life, despite knowing how deadly the virus could be.

As a person who had lived for a very long time, OId Master Jiang had been through a lot and had seen a lot.

Looking at this girl in front of him who had been greatly praised by his friends, the old master realized that he needed to see the younger generation with different eyes.

“Im a doctor.

This is my duty.

Its my job to be here.

Every single life is worth it.”

After asking Old Master Jiang if there were any face masks in his room, she took one out of the drawer indicated and put it on before heading to the window.

Mu Feichi was already waiting in the garden with his attention fixed on Old Master Jiangs bedroom window.

The sun had come out after the rain, and the man could not hide the worry and anxiety on his face.

“Yun Xi…” Even after fighting on so many battlefields, that was the first time the Young Commander had ever felt so helpless.

“Dont worry!” Yun Xi shouted.

“I have had a lot of vaccines at Su Hangs lab.

My body has been developing antibodies for a long time.

We have to focus on the virus now.

Call Su Hang and tell him to bring everyone from the lab over.

Tell him the situation so hell know what to bring.”

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