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Before the meeting commenced, Su Donglin scanned the room full of people.

It had only been a little more than a month since hed last made a trade with Yun Xi, and the power in Jingdu had already shifted.

From the moment Han Hongbin had been taken away by the police, Su Donglin had already sensed that imminent change was about to take place.

Yet he had decided to stay quiet and not interfere as the events unfolded .

Even though all the big four wealthiest families had a responsibility to help each other out, when Su Donglin learned that not only had Yun Xi taken part in the incidents that had happened to the Han family, but the Young Commander might have also taken part in them, he decided to stay quiet about it.

In the past, the head of the Su family had never thought that Yun Xi would have the capability to achieve something this impactful.

He only knew that the Young Commander viewed her highly.

With the events that had happened in the past few days, Su Donglin was thankful that he hadnt made himself her enemy or else the tragedy that had happened to the Han family could be going to befall the Su family soon.

Su Donglin sighed with emotion and whispered to Su Ximan, who was standing next to him, “See It was definitely the right choice when I asked you to befriend Yun Xi.”

Su Ximan had been learning from Su Donglin for a long time, and she could immediately understand the meaning behind his words.

The lady frowned and nodded.

She admitted to having underestimated Yun Xi, not expecting this lady by the Young Commanders side to possess such capabilities.

There were two types of people in the world of successful families.

One type was those who had all the resources from their successful family, but lacked the capabilities and means to execute anything.

These people would eventually end up being chess pieces that were mindlessly controlled by other people.

Han Wanling was a great example of that type of person.

She had always thought too highly of herself and ended up getting thrown into prison.

After what had happened to the heir of the Han family, she would end up becoming a joke that would be thrown around at upper-class parties.

However, the second type of person was completely different from the first one.

Not only were they supported by a powerful person or group, but they also had the wits to make the right calls.

They even had more guts than the heads of families and heirs seated in the meeting room, guts that were enough to change a whole era.

From wits to planning, guts, and means, all of these were things that a young lady of Yun Xis age shouldnt have had yet.

The results of the voting was already clear, to the point where the vote itself was redundant.

Han Hongbin had been the first to arrive at the venue but was the last to take a seat.

He had been busying himself conversing with representatives of each group, trying to wheedle and gain favors.

As the results of the Han familys expulsion from the big four wealthiest families had not been finalized yet, the other representatives still treated the head of the Han family with courtesy.

That was, up until Qiao Dehao and Qiao Ximin, representatives of the Qiao family, arrived.

People started to ignore Han Hongbin and greet the Qiao family instead.

The battle between the two families had been intense, and it was evident who was going to stand tall as the victor.

The families that had yet to form a close relationship with the Qiao family quickly introduced themselves, afraid that the others would gain more favor from the family that was soon going to become one of the great four.

Both Han Hongbin and Han Yaotian were furious at the sight of that, but neither of them could do anything about it.

All the father and son could do was leave everything to fate.

When the heads of the three noble clans had arrived, the noisy meeting room quieted down.

Everyone found their own seats and had their eyes fixed on the three most important people in the room.

Even though these three people sitting on the top of the food chain were young, to the point where some of the heads of the big four wealthiest families were at the same age as their parents, no one dared to look down on them or show any signs of disrespect because of their status.

The same attitude was multiplied when the people looked at Mu Feichi, due to his other identity as well.

He was the best among the best, and people showed enormous respect in their eyes when they looked at the young man sitting in the middle.

Compared to other people around Mu Feichis age, which was just shy of 30, the Young Commander was mature and his eyes showed obvious signs of calm and steadiness that were enough to make the older generation cower.

The older generation couldnt help but feel that the newer generation had already overthrown the old.

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