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Chapter 1344 Qiao Ximin and I Set You Up

Han Wanlings hands were trembling, and she couldnt get a good aim on her target.

Suddenly, she reached out with her other hand and grabbed at her wrist that was holding the gun to steady her trembling hand.

If she did not act now and allowed the woman to run away and alert the villagers, they would be in big trouble.

This was the wilderness, and there were no surveillance cameras or witnesses.

This was the perfect place to strike.

If the woman died in such a place, no one would suspect her without any evidence.

At that thought, Han Wanling immediately calmed down.

She steadied herself and aimed her gun at the figure that had fallen, gotten up, and was desperately running forward again.

This was a flat mountain road.

Other than the forest on one side, there were no obstacles to avoid.

Even though her aim was not good, hitting the woman at such a distance would not be difficult for her.

However, just as she was about to pull the trigger, there was a loud bang.

The gun was hit by something, and the violent vibration knocked the gun out of her hand.

She abruptly lowered her head to look at the gun on the ground.

There was a bullet stuck into the gun.

“Theres someone else here.” When she realized there was someone in the forest, the bodyguards had already reacted.

They pulled out their guns and aimed in the direction the bullets were coming from.

With a few bangs, one bodyguard blindly fired at the forest where the bullets were coming from.

The quiet forest was filled with the ear-piercing sound of bullets hitting tree branches and leaves.

Han Wanling looked at the gun on the ground in shock.

The bullet had landed right on her gun.

The shot was so accurate that it did not break her hand or take her head.

There must be a sniper nearby.

Instinctively, she bent down to grab the gun from the ground.

She felt like only with a weapon in her hand could she ensure her safety.

But just as she straightened up, a group of reporters carrying cameras suddenly appeared from the left side of the mountain and the right side of the road.

The moment they ran out, they started snapping pictures of her.

The bodyguards aimed their guns at the reporters who were busy snapping pictures.

There were too many reporters, so no one dared to fire.

Han Wanling was stunned by what she saw!

Before she could come back to her senses, several police cars with sirens blaring suddenly drove toward the village.

The piercing sirens and the clicking sounds of reporters snapping pictures overwhelmed Han Wanlings ears.

At this moment, no matter how dumb she was, she realized that she had been tricked again.

Her goose was cooked.

This act had been so real that she had slipped into the trap without realizing it.

The moment the police car stopped, the police officers quickly surrounded Han Wanling and the bodyguards.

Sanzi nimbly escaped from the bodyguards grasp and quickly retreated to the back of the group of reporters.

Sitting in the back seat of the police car closest to Han Wanling, Yun Xi rolled down the window and greeted the ashen-faced Han Wanling with a gentle smile.

Leaning against the car window, Yun Xi casually watched as Han Wanlings complexion changed from pale to red and angry when she saw her.

She smiled calmly and cheerfully as she greeted her.

“Miss Han, you said that the kidnapping was just an act two days ago, and today youre trying to silence anyone talking about it.

Are you trying to say that you were out hunting in the woods With so many armed bodyguards, your mode of entertainment is simply one of a kind.”

Han Wanling looked at the police officers surrounding them with their guns aimed at their heads.

She gritted her teeth and said, “You set me up!”

With this situation today, she could not escape.

“How can you say that I plotted against you You were the one who kidnapped Qiao Ximin, and the evidence was conclusive, but you just had to make it sound like it was a small affair because she was alive in the end.

How unfair is that to Qiao Ximin Did you kidnap her for nothing Of course she would want to seek revenge.

A good example of that would be working with me to set you up.”

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