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Chapter 1330 Little Witch

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His subtle movements awakened the sleeping angel.

Yun Xi opened her eyes dazedly and looked up to see the handsome face only inches away.

Enveloped by a whole new sense of warmth and peace that she had never felt before, she lowered her head and rubbed against his chest.

Then she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Mu Feichi looked down at the Little Creature in his arms.

Amused by her childlike gestures, he moved his lips close to her ear and brushed it affectionately as he said, “Did you really mistake me for a blanket”

HMMM The tingling in her ear raised goosebumps on her neck, and the warmth of his body gradually woke her up.

Finally, she opened her eyes and stared at the man.

“Where did you come from Why are you here…” She sat up straight, trying to break free from his arms, but Mu Feichi reached out and pulled her onto his lap.

Ever so casually, he rolled over to the spot where she had

curled herself up earlier.

“Baifan said that you went back to school, but I had a hunch that you mightve come here instead.

Now that everything is over, dont think too much about it.”

MMMM… “Young Commander, arent you curious at all why I did this Im afraid Director Gu probably thinks of me as the most ruthless and heartless woman hes ever seen, right”

“You think your little tricks can be considered ruthless What about when Gu Baifan makes an entire enterprise go bankrupt Hundreds of thousands of people get laid off and stricken by poverty.

Was what he did a

kindness There are two sides to everything.

It just depends on how you choose to see it.

Eradicating the root cause of your trouble was the best solution for you, and I definitely support whatever is in your best


I did say that if you were merciful this time, I would add fuel to the fire.

And if it were up to me, I wouldnt have been as kind as you were.”

At the end of the day, she had simply given Liang Xiuqin a choice, while she herself had done no harm to anyone.

“After mutilating Yun Zilings face, the rest of her life will be ruined.

And yet you, Young Commander, still see me as kind I thought you would think I was a cold-blooded witch…”

“Well, in my heart, you are my little witch, and there is no boundary between dark and light.”

As she held onto her human blanket tightly, Mu Feichi squinted his eyes and touched her head softly.

“If this world was only darkness, and you wanted to have light, I would carve out a ray of light for you.

But if you

wanted darkness, I would paint the world black just for you.”

“Light and dark…” Hearing him making such unreasonable vows with such positivity, Yun Xi wanted to burst out laughing.

However, when she pursed the corner of her lips, she could not smile at all.

Whether it was light or dark, it made no difference to him.

No matter what she did or what artifices she used, in his mind, she was as flawless as when he had first met her.

What kind of heart would such a man require to accommodate someone like her

“My little witch, you need only do what you desire, and you can leave the rest to me.

I like my woman just a little bit merciless and a little less fragile.

You gave Liang Xiuqin a choice in this matter.

Thus you were indeed

quite merciful.

However, the ploy was laid brilliantly, and you knew how to leave yourself out of the mess.

Your merits and demerits cancel each other out, so you wont be punished this time.”

“Young Commander, your brain is wired really differently from those of ordinary people.

If you were any other man, you would probably think that a scary woman like me was too much to handle and run a mile away,

whereas you on the other hand actually take pride in it.”

Didnt he know the meaning of the word witch Was being wicked a good thing to him…

But when this word came out of his mouth, it sounded just like the way he called her his little vixen.

It was playfully flirtatious, and it made her face blush and her heart race.

She felt as though she was a seductive yet

wicked little minx in his eyes.

How unbelievable!.

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