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Chapter 1319: Age-Old Tricks

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If it had been anyone else, a jealous reaction would not have mattered to Mu Feichi at all.

However, a jealous reaction from his beloved Yun Xi, that was something that Mu Feichi found rather amusing.

“could definitely get used to seeing your jealous face!”

To him, nothing was better than how cute she looked right now.

Most of the women who approached him showed their undisguised desires for personal gain, whereas his little sweetheart only had eyes for him.

Her eyes were for him alone, and that was all he needed.

“Yun Xi, whats the deal with Qiao Ximin Hasnt she been skipping classes for days now Why did she suddenly show up here”

Moreover, she had come charging at the Young Commander the moment she arrived.

Didnt she see that his girlfriend was sitting right beside him She had never seemed to be someone who was eager to be a mans mistress.

“Maybe she had an inkling that the Young Commander would be here today.”

“How could that be possible She was clearly surprised when she saw him.”

“Then, maybe… it was because shes smitten by the irresistible charms of Professor Yi”

“Then you could say that she lucked out.

Perhaps she came here to listen to Professor Yis lecture, and she just so happened to run into the Young Commanéer…”

Just then, it suddenly struck Zhao Yumo that all these heiresses constantly acted considering their familys benefit, and they would never do anything without a solid reason.

If she had really come for Professor Yi, then that would mean that her real purpose for being here was to find a way to get to Mu Feichi!

“Dont tell me that she knew about the relationship between Professor Yi and the Young Commander, and thats why she purposely came here”

“Youre not that dumb after all!” Yun Xi smiled, teasing her.

“Qiao Ximins target has always been the Young Commander.

To her, everyone else is just a tool to get to him.”

“How atrocious she is.”

“Icant say that I blame her.

Its the Young Commanders fault for being so attractive.”

Mu Feichi stared back at them innocently.

“An innocent man can be brought to ruin for simply possessing a precious diamond.”

Yun Xi tured toward him and whispered, “Mu Three-Years-Old, you dont need any diamonds.

That face of yours is enough to make people do the unthinkable.”

He retorted, teasing her some more.

“Does my face give you the urge to do the unthinkable too”

“… Answering his question in a place like this would be highly inappropriate.

Was she supposed to say yes to that

Of course it did! Compared to the devilish charms of Yi Qianmo, Mu Feichis handsome face exuded confidence and poise, which made him even more charming and impressive.

“Oh, look! Professor Yi is here.” Before Mu Feichi could get her to answer, Yun Xi saw a silhouette coming through the stage entrance and immediately changed the subject.

“Its not as if youve never seen him before.

What are you so excited about” Mu Feichi glanced at the figure walking up to the podium and grunted softly with a disdainful look on his face.

Hearing his jealous reply, Yun Xi let out a little giggle.

Tilting her head, she whispered softly into his ear before the auditorium gradually quieted, “Young Commander, you can just admit that you envy him.

Promise I wont laugh.”

“Please, those negotiating devices of his are age-old tricks that Ive overused.

Whats there to be envious about”

“Uh…” What hed said was true enough.

She had nothing to counter him with.

After all, Mu Feichi had been on the battlefield since he was a child.

He had witnessed every kind of situation there was.

Be it antiterrorism negotiations or bomb disposals, none of it was new to Mu Feichi.

“Since youre such a know-it-all, why did you invite him all the way back to coach your special forces”

“Theyre all specialists in their fields.

Although they are brilliant in every aspect, none of them has experience in antiterrorism.

Besides, this was the Presidents suggestion.

How could I refuse”

Yun Xi nodded.

Listening to the surroundings gradually becoming quiet, she lifted her gaze back up to the podium again and saw that Yi Qianmo was looking right in her direction.

‘The moment when his gaze fell on Mu Feichi who was sitting beside her his eyes suddenly lit up..

The gleam of excitement in his eyes at this unexpected pleasure was absolutely hilarious!

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