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Chapter 1318: Qiao Ximins Surprise

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Qiao Ximin had been very busy recently what with the Qiao family becoming one of the big four wealthiest clans.

She had had to jump through hoops just to find out that Mu Feichis childhood friend had returned to the country.

As she was racking her brains for ways to create a chance encounter, she

suddenly heard that he was giving a lecture at Beijing University.

Making arrangements for speakers and decorating the venue were the responsibilities of the student union.

The vice-chairman, Qiu Yufei, was secretly in love with her and had been courting her, so she took the opportunity to greet him early the next morning and got him to pass on some of the

questions that were going to be asked at the Q&A session.

She had also found someone to save a seat for her in the first row so she would be closest to the podium and she would have a better chance of gaining Yi Qianmos attention.

She took her time strolling over.

By the time Qiao Ximin arrived at the venue, the entire stadium was packed with people.

Yi Qianmos good looks had made girls from all the departments in the school swarm over, while some of the boys had also come to join in the excitement.

The moment Kang Meiyu saw Qiao Ximin entering, she quickly waved to her.

“Ximin, over here!”

‘When Qiao Ximin looked over at her friend, she saw Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo sitting just three rows behind.

To her surprise, the person who she had thought was the most unlikely to appear here, the person she had tried so hard to see, was actually sitting right beside Yun Xi.

She had searched high and low for him only to find what she was looking for at a place where she least expected it.

It seemed that this time, the gods were on the side of the Qiao family.

“Young Commanéer…” Qiao Ximin murmured in surprise and quickly rushed toward Mu Feichi.

As she walked up to the third row, Mu Feichi cast a cold glance at her with an undisguised warning in his sharp glacial eyes.

Yun Xi glanced at the two of them.

Since Mu Feichi had wanted to attend the lecture keeping a low profile, he was displeased that his identity had been exposed.

So he reluctantly reminded Qiao Ximin in a gentle tone, “Ximin, this is my friend who I came with to listen to Professor Yis lecture.

And your

seat is in the front, so you should go back to your seat now because its almost time to start.

Oh, will you look at how many people are waiting to get seated If you try to squeeze by them later, you might have to disturb everyone.”

Qiao Ximin was clearly dissatisfied by his response, but seeing Mu Feichis unwelcoming aura, she did not dare to go up to him for fear that she might offend him.

She looked around at the students who were sitting on the ground along the aisle.

Although her seat was in the first row, she had to make her way to the middle.

To get in, those who were in-between had to open a path for her.

After careful deliberation, she smiled politely at Mu Feichi, and backing away step by step, she reluctantly returned to her seat.

As soon as Qiao Ximin left, the smile on Yun Xis face immediately disappeared.

Now should be the busiest time for the Qiao family, yet Qiao Ximin still had the leisure to come over and listen to Yi Qianmos lecture.

No matter how she thought about it, this did not seem like something she would do at a time like this.

Especially, when she had just received news that the Qiaos and the Hans had reached an agreement to do a press release in two days to clarify Han Wanlings involvement in the kidnapping video.

The Qiao family was busy making the official ledger look good, hoping to strengthen their ties by winning over the other three clans.

This would facilitate the upcoming inspection which would, in turn, curry favor for the final voting of the conglomerate families.

Qiao Ximin had been absent from class for an entire week, and now suddenly she had popped up just to listen to a lecture.

Not to mention, Yun Xi had seen how her eyes lit up when she saw Mu Feichi.

It would be stupid of her not to be able to tell what that meant.

Her coming here to listen to the lecture was probably for the sake of Yi Qianmos relationship with Mu Feichi, though it seemed that Mu Feichi showing up here had caught her by surprise.

Turning her head, Yun Xi poked Mu Feichis thigh surreptitiously and whispered into his ear, “Mu Three-Years-Old, you really do attract a lot of admirers.”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and turned to look at their arms that were touching, and he said teasingly with a subtle smirk on his face, “Babe, are you..,jealous”

Yun Xi kicked him angrily under the table and grunted in frustration, “Who are you calling jealous I just found it disturbing the way Miss Qiao looked at you as if she couldnt wait to eat you up..”

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