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Chapter 1311: Why Should I Help You

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The thing that Yun Xi was enjoying the most right then was watching Liang Xiugin struggling before her demise.

No matter what she was planning, she had no way to escape from the situation.

The reason was because Yun Xi had already taken care of all the chips that Liang Xiugin had hoped to play.

She had planned everything: losing the health spa, the incident with the Feng family, screwing up Yun Zilings future, Yun Yuanfeng and Chen Lixues betrayal, the thieving incident at the Jingdu Tower Plaza, and finally ending with Yun Yuanfeng having a baby with his new lover,…everything had already

been set in motion by Yun Xi.

The result was Yun Yuanfeng was going to divorce her and Yun Ziling was abandoning her.

There was nothing the mother could use to force Yun Xi to help her anymore.

Perhaps Liang Xiugin was still hoping that she could use her daughter, who shed always thought of as a bad omen, to help her.

However, this was something that would only ever happen in her dreams.

After plotting for so long, there was no way Yun Xi would not take away her mothers last resort as well.

In the quiet garden of the hospital, Yun Xi found a bench and sat down.

She then raised her head to look at her mother who was standing above her and smiled as she said, “So, Mom, what do you want to talk to me about”

Liang Xiugin was used to ordering Yun Xi around.

Even when she was literally begging for her daughter to help her, her tone was still arrogant.

“About the Jiang familys party…”


Ive heard about the party.

I was the one who got the invitation from Young Master Jiang by using a favor that he owed me.

Not only has your act of stealing the dress angered him, but its also angered the Young Madame of the Yan family.

If you dont go and apologize, Dad and the whole Yun family

will have to suffer from Young Master Jiangs wrath.”

“But, you are the one who gave me the invitation.

Even if Im the one who has offended Young Master Jiang, arent you supposed to take full responsibility”

Whenever things like this happened to Liang Xiuqin, she always pushed the blame onto Yun Xi.

The daughter sighed and turned her head away, not wanting to watch her mothers shameless face.

“You were the one who forced me to beg Young Master Jiang to give you an invitation so that you and my dear sister could approach the director of Jingdu High School.

For that, I had to use the favor he owed me for saving his life.

And now you are blaming this on me Mom, do you think this is a joke”

“What do you mean You have to take responsibility.

You are close with Young Master Jiang, right Maybe hell let this slide if you beg him.”

“Beg him With what He doesnt owe me anything anymore.

Ive used up all my favors with him for you and Yun Ziling.

If I go and beg him now, what happens if he gets even more angry”

Yun Xi didnt even have to continue for Liang Xiuqin to understand what would happen.

She had already angered both the Jiang family and the Yan family.

If she didnt take responsibility for the incident, they would never forgive her even if she begged them.

“What are you talking about Isnt Young Master Jiang your friend”

“Are you serious Do you think someone like me who comes from a family like this can become friends with him Even if he really was my friend, I would only ask him to help me.

Why would I ask him to help you Just because you are my mother Do you think hell care What makes you think I have the

authority to ask him to do that”

“What can I do then Do you want me to stay in prison for years Which will result in a divorce from your father Do you think youll have a good life if Im in prison Whos going to introduce you to a good husband if Im locked away behind bars”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, her expression showing that she didnt care.

She shrugged and said, “Didnt Dad say that once you are in prison and the divorce is finalized, I can live with him How will that affect me So, why should I help you”

y…you brat! How can you be so cold-blooded Im your mother!”

“But, you have never treated me as your daughter before, have you Even your only real daughter, Yun Ziling, has chosen to side with Dad.

Even she has abandoned you.

So, let me ask you again..

Why would I, someone who you say brings bad omens, help you”

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