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Chapter 1308: One She Loved Most

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After she rolled up her window, Yun Xi gave Jiang Chenghuan a call and asked him to apply more pressure on the police station and on Yun Yuanfeng to wrap up this incident with Liang Xiugin as soon as possible.

The pressure applied by Jiang Chenghuan was enough to push Yun Yuanfeng into action.

He immediately called a lawyer to draft the divorce papers.

He even went to Yun Zilings hospital room personally to deliver them.

The sight of the divorce papers made Liang Xiugins head spin.

She had fought with her life for a way out, but Yun Yuanfeng had not given her a moment to recover.

Yun Yuanfeng did not shy away from showing her the papers in front of Yun Ziling either.

He spoke directly to the two of them as he stated the conditions of the divorce.

“As long as you sign, I will apologize and settle this with the Yan family, and the Yan family will drop the case with the police and settle it privately.

You dont have to go to jail and youll get some compensation.

I will ask the courts to give you custody of Yun Ziling as well.”

As Yun Yuanfeng spoke, Yun Ziling immediately sat upright, yelling, “No! I want to be with you, Dad, not Mom.” She continued with an exasperated expression, “Even if you two split, I want to stay in the Yun family.

I dont want to leave you, Dad, and I dont want to leave Grandpa…”

More important, Yun Ziling did not want to give up the title of being a daughter of the Yun family and the child of a director.

She didnt want to live a poor life with Liang Xiugin.

The decision was an easy one to make.

Yun Ziling had never wanted to let herself be caught up in any form of pain.

“Ziling, didnt you say you wanted to be under my custody” Liang Xiugins expression was shocked the instant she heard Yun Zilings plea.

She was full of emotions she could not even describe.

Yun Ziling was the jewel in Liang Xiugins hand.

She knew her daughter well, and she knew why her daughter was unwilling to join her.

Yun Ziling did not want to go through the suffering that awaited them in the future, and she was certainly unwilling to let go of her title as a socialite.

Liang Xiugins

heart soured as she thought about how much she had done for Yun Ziling.

All she had done had been for her and her only.

All that had come to nothing.

She had given up her dignity for Yun Ziling, yet her daughter would do nothing for her in return.

Liang Xiugin wondered who exactly she had worked for.

Her efforts for Yun Ziling were part of the reason that she was in the state she was in today, yet Yun Ziling did want anything more to do with her.

Liang Xiugin could only watch her love and effort disappear into thin air.

The chair of the seat that Liang Xiugin was on felt colder than usual.

She was too stunned by Yun Zilings choice to speak.

As the fear of being kicked out of the Yun family struck Yun Ziling, she gripped her fathers hand and begged, “Dad, I dont want to go with Mom, and I dont want to leave the Yun family.

Please dont make me go with Mom…”

Yun Yuanfeng turned to Yun Ziling with a sigh.

“As long as your mother is willing to sign the papers, you can go wherever you like.

Youre still the second daughter of the Yun family.”

Yun Ziling sat up, stunned, and turned to Liang Xiugin immediately.

“Mom, please I cannot go with you.” She begged with the utmost sincerity, “Please let me stay with the Yun family.”

“Ziling, youre willing to just leave me”

Liang Xiugin gave Yun Ziling a disappointed look.

She could never have imagined that her favorite daughter would be the one to leave her in the dust.

“Its better.

You dont want to have to take care of me.

With my heart disease, I will only be a burden for you.

You dont need me to cause any more trouble for you.”

Yun Ziling had thought these words would move Liang Xiugin and make her understand, but Liang Xiugin was as determined as ever.

“Inever saw you as any trouble.

I brought you up, and I have doted on you endlessly, even more than Yun Chuhan.

Who will take care of you once I leave”

“Tm older now.

I can take care of myself.

You dont have to worry about me.”

Liang Xiugins heart froze as she studied Yun Zilings determined selfishness.

She would have done anything for her daughter, yet her daughter had left her behind without a second thought.

Standing outside the rooms door, Yun Xi leaned against a wall and took in their conversation with a smile.

Yun Xi was sure Liang Xiugin knew what a selfish decision it was for Yun Ziling to abandon her and choose to stay with the Yun family.

The one she loved the most was the one who would hurt her the most.

Yun Xi did not feel an ounce of sympathy for Liang Xiugin.

All this was her own doing..

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