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Chapter 1307: Worst to Come

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“You…youre too cruel, Yao Ying!”

Yun Yuanfeng had brought up the divorce to the family, and no one in the Yun family was going to side with her.

Liang Xiugin felt as if someone had poured cold water over her head.

She was alone in her fight with no money and no confidence in her victory.

Liang Xiugin wondered if she was going to go to jail after all.

“Tm cruel Im nothing compared to you! If you think you can convince the lady of the Yan family, then by all means go for it.

We wont interfere.

You are responsible for what you did.

We are nice enough to not have taken any steps against you for having been dragged into this, and you seriously expect us

to help you”

“You…” Liang Xiugins face tuned ashen and her voice was lowered to a mumble as she continued, “I dont have any money, so I cant settle it with them privately.”

“And we dont have any to lend you.

You started this mess, and youre going to have to figure it out for yourself.”

Once Yao Ying had spoken, Liang Xiugin was sure that second uncle wouldnt be open to any negotiations either.

Grandfather Yun was absolutely furious.

Liang Xiugin felt as if she had wasted her trip home.

She left in a huff.

Liang Xiugin wasted no time in making several calls to third uncle as she left the Yun familys house, but the line was always busy, and she couldnt get through to him.

Yao Ying watched the anxious figure leaving from the living room and gave a cold scoff.

She had notified third uncles family.

As long as third aunt was around, Liang Xiugin would never be able to get any money from third uncle.

As Liang Xiugin left the residences, she called for a cab to go to the hospital.

It was at this moment that she suddenly remembered the eldest son of the Chen family.

As she thought of him, Liang Xiuqin instructed the driver to head for the Chen Corporation instead.

Yun Xi may not be in Jingdu, but Young Master Chen would hate to see Yun Xis reputation being ruined by her mother having to go to jail.

He had always stood up for Yun Xi and defended her honor.


should be willing to defend it now more than anybody else.

If she could use Yun Xis reputation as a ploy, he might be willing to give her some help.

Liang Xiugin straightened herself up and approached the receptionist at the front desk with confidence.

The receptionist gave a call to the directors office and gave a simple response, “Our director has meetings all day.

He has no free time to meet with anyone.”

“Meetings for the entire day… What about his lunch break”

“We order take-out for our lunch, and we eat it during our meetings.

It doesnt matter.

The director said hes not free at al.

You should come back another day.”


This final barrier hit Liang Xiugin hard.

She felt as if all her strength had been taken from her and all her hope had been lost.

She sank down on the stairs of the Chen Corporation.

She had been running around all day, and she had not had any food.

Her mind was spinning from the lack of blood sugar.

She had approached all those she could think of, and none of them were willing to offer her any assistance.

She wondered if she

should approach Chen Lixue for help.

No, she thought to herself, Chen Lixue would never help her.

All she would do was rub more salt into her wounds.

Why would her enemy help her when she was backed into a corner Liang Xiugin thought that to the contrary Chen Lixue would be celebrating once she knew the state she was in.

Liang Xiugins mind functioned at maximum capacity as she combed through all of her connections to try to find a contact who might be willing to extend a little bit of assistance to her.

Liang Xiugin lowered her head in frustration as she sat on the stairs.

Shed thought that she had left the days of worrying about money far behind her.

On a corner not too far away from the Chen Corporation building, Yun Xi was observing Liang Xiugins actions from the back seat of a car.

Her eyes were fixed on the figure that was sitting pathetically on the steps of the Chen Corporation building.

She felt that she had been very cruel to have blocked all of the pathways that had been available to her mother.

However, this was hardly enough for Yun Xi.

It was still not enough to placate the hatred in her heart that had arisen from the disfiguration that her mother had done to her in her last life.

Her real pain was living in a constant state of desolation, where all kinds of hope had become obsolete.

Yun Xi lifted her hand and gently tapped her face, her cold fingertips touching her burning cheeks.

She felt determination growing stronger in her heart.

Liang Xiugin, Yun Xi thought to herself, this is not the end for you.

The worst was yet to come!

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