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Chapter 130: Whoever Touches Her Gets Bad Luck

Putting away her books, Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xinyis grimacing face.

It was the reaction shed expected.

Originally, shed wanted to keep a low profile, but Liang Xinyi had forced her to change her plans.

If she didnt intimidate Liang Xinyi a bit, she would think that she was still as much of a pushover as shed been in the countryside.

As soon as Yun Xi had left, all the kids sitting near Liang Xinyi suddenly leaned over and stared at her with ridicule and contempt in their eyes.

“What scourge were you talking about Perhaps youre actually the scourge.”

“As someone who only came in second to last, you really are quite shameless.”

“You seem to have been quite talented at manipulating the entire class.”


Having never been so humiliated, Liang Xinyi was fuming with rage.

Her clenched fingernails dug into her flesh hard.

Her eyes shot daggers at the door where Yun Xi had just left.

These words of humiliation she was hearing bruised her ego.

Finding all of this insufferable, Liang Xinyi raised her head abruptly and glared at the classmates who were making fun of her.

“Believe it or not! If she hadnt been a scourge and a jinx, would she have been abandoned in the countryside by her own mother for so many years When you get bad luck, dont come crying to me!”

“I think you should be the one to cry.

With such rubbish grades, you should get out of Class 3 soon.

Dont hold us back.”

“Yes! Class 3 is an advanced class, and we have never had people with grades as bad as yours are.”

Liang Xinyi sneered resentfully.

“It was just one bad quiz.

Since you guys are jumping to conclusions, just wait for me to trample you all.”

“Bring it on! We are looking forward to seeing what you can do.”

“Everyone knows how to talk big, but how shameless of someone who came in second-to-last place to try to challenge us.”

Liang Xinyi couldnt control herself.

She was so angry.

She sputtered, “Then you just wait! Ill remind you one last time, Yun Xi is a scourge, and whoever touches her gets bad luck.”

Not wanting to listen to their taunts anymore, Liang Xinyi snorted coldly and walked out of the classroom with her chin proudly raised.

After leaving the classroom, Yun Xi saw a vehicle parked near the intersection as soon as shed left the school gate.

Walking forward and looking at the license plate number, she was certain that it was the car that Mu Feichi had driven last time.

She thought that Mu Feichi might have been sitting in the car, and she wanted to thank him for the snacks hed given her, so she knocked on the window of the drivers seat.

The car window lowered, but Su Hangs friendly face greeted her instead.

“How come its you Why are you here”

“I came here to wait for you! Theres something wrong with one of the medicines Ive been researching recently, but I cant figure it out.

Do you have time to come with me and check”

Yun Xi thought about it for a while.

“It just so happened that I was planning on going to your pharmacy to get some medicine, but I have to go shopping in the city first.”

“Okay, get in the car!”

Stopping at a store, Yun Xi bought a few silk pillowcases and quickly got back into the car.

“Whyd you buy these”

“To make a medicine pillow.

I…when I was in the countryside, the old Chinese doctors liked to make medicine pillows for maintaining health.

Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty wrote inThousands of Gold Prescriptions:Use silkworms and tea leaves as pillows to improve eyesight and to detox. In theLiyu Parallel Prose by Wu Shangxian from the Qing Dynasty, there was afitness Ding Gong pillow that allegedly could cure all diseases and extend life spans.”

“It seems as if you know a lot about Chinese medicine.

If you have any spare time in the future, you should go to Jiangnan to discuss the topic with my dad.

So then maybe he wont keep on saying that I have broken his standing.”

“Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine each have their own merits.

Traditional Chinese medicine is slow in effect, but it can solve some problems that Western medicine cannot solve.

Western medicine has quick results and yields better results for wounds and emergency operations.”

“But I see that your Western medical skills are also good, and your operation procedure was clean and organized.

There arent too many who can do better than you at all.”

“My dream is to become a doctor, but my family definitely wont let me deal with dead people all the time.”

“Doctor” Su Hang turned his head in surprise.

“Girl, you are such a treasure! You always surprise people.”

“All right now, dont make fun of me.

Just focus on your driving.”

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