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Chapter 1236: Young Commander Will Be Furious

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“Who hired you” Yun Xi frowned.

If it had been a woman, she would more or less know exactly who she was.

However, on the other hand, whoever it was was not someone ordinary if they could get in contact with kidnappers like these.

For Han Wanling to be able to get in contact with someone like Crocodile, she must have someone else helping her behind the scenes.

It was impossible for the heiress of the Han family to be associated with these kind of people.

“Im not very sure.

Most of the missions are usually handed over directly from the boss to these guys.

Im just following them in order to make a living.

I dont know the details either.”

Nodding her head, she turned to look at the boss of the group who had just been brought into the car.

She told the Special Forces team to keep an eye on them and then she walked over.

The window of the car was down, and Yun Xi looked toward the boss who was sitting in the car and who had not said a single word yet.

She looked at the man inside the car.

“How about I make a deal with you”

She had always been a vengeful person, and if it was Han Wanling who had set her up, then very well, she would return the favor in the same way.

Seeing him staring at her with a confused look on his face, Yun Xi pointed at the man who had just been released and said, “Look, I keep my word.

I never break my promises.”

The man frowned as if he was thinking before he spoke with some difficulty as he was confronting the glare in her eyes.

“What do you want to know”

Yun Xi smiled with a twinkle in her eyes and casually revealed her plan to him without a single change of expression.

“How about it If you agree, I can let you go after the deed is done.

If you dont want to do it for me and want to spend the rest of your life in jail, thats fine too.

I can still find someone else to deal with her.”

“Fine! I agree!” Compared to a life in prison, something as easy as going to say a few words in order to lure someone out was definitely a much better deal for him.

“Great!” Yun Xi nodded and glanced at the Special Forces team, “You guys go back to Jingdu and report back to the Young Commander first.

Ill tell him all about the rest when I get back.”

Watching the car disappear in the distance, Yun Xi turned her head to look at Yi Qianmo who was standing beside the car and chuckled lightly, “With the matter here settled, we still have time to finish the unfinished tasks that we had planned for the rest of the day.”

Yi Qianmos flamboyantly made-up eyes fell on her dirty body and teased her with a half-smile, “If you dont rush back to Jingdu after something like this, the Young Commander will be furious with you.”

“Havent we already caught them Well go back when were finished here.

It wont take that much time.”

As long as she was all right and unharmed, as far as Mu Feichi was concerned, he would be able to rest easy.

If he really was angry, he would have to wait until she returned to punish her.

“Hee, hee, hee… Well, you better be ready for that boy to come and get you himself.”

“Theres no need to try and scare me.

The Young Commander is clear in his own mind about what to do and what not to do.”

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Although Mu Three-Years-Old would occasionally act like a self-indulgent ruler and try to get her to do exactly what he wanted, he could still distinguish his priorities when it came to big matters.

“All right then, lets go! Youre coming back to the city with me.

My business is not finished yet.

Youve gone above and beyond todays mission…very much beyond even what my imagination could think of indeed.

Now you should be clear about the importance of intelligence-gathering and undercover infiltration, right”

Yun Xi nodded, having emerged unscathed from the pile of kidnappers and experienced firsthand what it meant to be in a den of thieves, how could she not be clear about the dangers they were facing and the importance of intelligence now.

It was precisely because she had experienced all that at firsthand that she understood that she still had a lot to learn and a long way to go.

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