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Chapter 122: Mutual Threats

“What nonsense are you talking How did I tarnish your dads reputation It is all because of you anyway.”

Being chewed out by Yun Xi in front of Yun Yuanfeng made Liang Xiuqin fume with rage.

“Mom, you know in your heart this was not my fault.”

Yun Xi inched a little bit closer to Liang Xiuqin and said in a low voice, “Mom, if Dad knew that you had bribed Young Marshal Mus subordinate and stolen Young Marshal Mus jade seal, I dont know what he would think of the consequences of offending Young Marshal Mu…”

“You…” Liang Xiuqins eyes widened suddenly, and her legs went slack with shock.

“Mom! Mom, whats happening to you” Yun Ziling looked at her mom anxiously and stared at Yun Xi with resentment.

“Sister, how can you treat Mom like this! How can you be so vicious at such a young age Is this what your uncle and aunt in the countryside taught you”

“I havent done anything.

This is all Moms own guilty conscience.

Would you dare repeat to Dad what I just said”

“You…” Liang Xiuqin paled.

Of course she didnt have the guts.

What she was more worried about now was whether this matter had reached Young Marshal Mus ears.

They all knew what the consequences of offending Young Marshal Mu were.

This wretched girl knew everything.

Indeed, it had really been her who had planted the watch.

This wretched girls underhanded tactics really were foxy.

Shed not only framed them, but had also managed to clear her own name.

Not to mention she had been able to humiliate them in front of all the distinguished families.

What a scourge! Shed made them suffer ever since shed come back.

Liang Xiuqin was annoyed, anxious, and extremely distressed.

Gritting her teeth, she warned Yun Xi, “Arent you afraid that Ill tell your father everything and let him deal with you”

This wretched girl had been behind the whole thing!

Now she and Yun Ziling had become the scapegoats.

How hapless of her to have given birth to such a scourge!

“If Dad knew that you had offended Young Marshal Mu and that I resolved the situation for you, he would only be grateful to me.”

Yun Yuanfeng valued his future more than anything.

Instead of offending Young Marshal Mu and ruining his future, it would be better for them to suffer humiliation in front of the upper classes.

She believed that her mother knew this as well.

Scheming against her had had consequences, and she wasnt afraid of her mothers threats.

After all, her mother at this moment was putty in her hands.

“You…” Liang Xiuqins face suddenly got bright red.

However, she had no choice but to suffer in silence.

She couldnt say anything about any of it.

“What are you all whispering about What are you keeping from me” Yun Yuanfeng glared at the jumpy Liang Xiuqin.

Liang Xiuqin raised her head guiltily.

“I was trying to persuade your daughter to help me plead leniency.

I didnt say anything else.”

Yun Xi sneered and turned to look at Yun Yuanfeng.

“Dad, I will help this one more time.

However, our goodwill with the Chen family will be ruined in the future.

Dont even think about getting any more favors from the Chen family.”

Liang Xiuqin gritted her teeth so vehemently that blood nearly gushed out of her mouth.

They had just managed to make the Chen family indebted to them, but the debt had been repaid so quickly.

Shed thought that the old ladys affection had meant a great chance for exploitation, but who knew that before theyd even had the chance to take advantage of the opportunity, theyd been framed.

It also meant that all their work had been for nothing.

Not only hadnt they managed to slander that wretched girl, but shed slandered them.

It was a despicable set of circumstances.

“Dad, if I go to plead leniency with the old lady at this time, the Chen family will definitely despise me in the future, and I probably wont even be able to enter the Chen familys door any longer.

In the future, if you need a favor, or if Mom offends someone yet again, dont blame me for not being able to help.”

Yun Yuanfeng was distressed as well.

After all, it wasnt easy to please the old lady.

Yun Xi would definitely be able to make connections with more people in the future if she frequented the Chen familys house and that would pave the way for his future.

But the scandal that Liang Xiuqin had caused was so great that only Yun Xis intervention could suppress it.

No matter what, his election was his first priority…

D*mn it! This whole group of idiots did nothing but cause him trouble.

The more Yun Yuanfeng thought about it, the more distressed he felt and the more enraged he became.

“Yun Xi, this time, youll have to bite the bullet.”

Yun Xi lowered her eyes and didnt speak, but fierceness gleamed in her eyes.

The old man finally couldnt stand it any longer and stood up and gave Yun Xi a pitiful look.

“Yun Xi, help Grandpa upstairs.

Leave them alone.

Let them be!”

“Yes, Grandpa!”

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