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Chapter 1216: Easy to Bully

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After getting the documents from Bi He, Qiao Ximin rushed to Qiao Dehaos office.

Why did the Qiao family have to take the blame for the Han familys retaliation against that d*mned girl Yun Xi

Even if the Young Commander really wanted to destroy the Han family, that was okay because the Qiao family and the Young Commander were on the same side.

However, when that wretched girl Yun Xi interfered, Qiao Ximin felt extremely indignant.

That girl seemed to have an extraordinary relationship with the Young Commander.

Until now, Qiao Ximin had been unwilling to admit that it was the kind of relationship that she wanted to have with the Young Commander.

The moment Qiao Ximin stepped into Qiao Dehaos office, she saw that Qiao Lixin was there as well.

Seeing that Qiao Lixin was in such a terrible state, Qiao Ximins aura immediately soared.

She knew very well that Qiao Lixin had not dealt with this kind of sudden accident before, but she had, and she even had detailed information on how to deal with it.

“Dad, Ive read all about this.

The most important thing now is to calm the workers down and cooperate with the Mu Corporation in investigating the accident.

No matter what, we cant let this project go to waste.

Otherwise, it will have a huge impact on our Qiao Corporation.”

As soon as Qiao Ximin spoke, Qiao Lixin could no longer sit still.

He turned around and glared at her with a look of contempt.

It was as if he was saying that he did not need her to poke her nose into his affairs.

“Who doesnt know what the most important thing is Why are you wasting my time”

Of course, Qiao Lixin was anxious about what had happened.

After all, the project that Qiao Ximin was working on with the Mu Corporation seemed to be safe and sound.

If something happened to him, wouldnt he have worked so hard for nothing

“Is that so” Qiao Ximin scoffed.

She did not seem to care about Qiao Lixin at all.

“But do you know what the cause of this incident was Who was the one who attacked the Qiao family What if they have other tricks up their sleeves You dont even know who the enemy is, so why are you trying to show off here”

“You…” Qiao Lixins face froze.

He had been busy dealing with the accident and had been scolded by the mayor.

He had not had the time to think about who had attacked the Qiao family.

Qiao Ximin sneered and handed the documents to Qiao Dehao.

“Dad, look at the information I have discovered.

We underestimated the Han Corporation.”

When Qiao Lixin heard this, he stood up abruptly.

“The Han Corporation How is that possible! They cant even take care of themselves.

How were they able to still lay their hands on our Qiao family Even if they wanted to lay their hands on us, they should have attacked you.

After all, you just stole the Mu Corporations project from them.

Why am I so unlucky”

Qiao Ximin shrugged innocently and said smugly, “Who knows! Maybe its because youre easy to bully.”

“All right, thats enough.” Qiao Dehao looked at the information she had given him and raised his head to look at Qiao Ximin.

He knew that his daughter had always had her own opinions, so he waved his hand to shut Qiao Lixin up.

“Ximin, how do you think we should handle this”

“Appease the workers and cooperate with the Mu Corporations investigation.

I feel that I should inform the person in charge of the Mu Corporation about this matter.

Qiao Lixin cant even take care of himself.

Why dont I go to the Mu Corporation and talk to them Ill try my best to solve the problem in the shortest time possible and resolve the conflict.

Im worried that if this drags on, even the project in my hands will be affected.

Moreover, Im also worried that the Han Corporation will lay their hands on the project in my hands.

I have to let them know in advance about this in advance so that they can be prepared.”

Qiao Lixini didnt have a chance to reject Qiao Ximins flawless answer.

He glared at Qiao Ximin as she stole his limelight, his face twisted with anger.

“Im the one in charge of this.

I should be the one doing this.

You should mind your own business.”

“Its decided then.

Ximin, go to the Mu Corporation to discuss this.

Let me know if theres any news.”

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“Okay, Dad, Ill go right away..” Qiao Ximin gave Qiao Lixin a smug look and left the office with a smile.

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