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Chapter 1215: Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

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Han Yaotian had prepared a trap for the Mu Corporation and the Qiao Corporation.

Qiao Lixin had worked hard to get this project, and he had thought that he would be able to make a huge profit from it and use it to gain his fathers trust.

But before he could do anything, a crisis erupted.

Two workers who had been hired by the Qiao Corporation died in an accident.

The mayor took this matter extremely seriously and stopped the project.

Also, because of this, the Qiao Corporation was reprimanded, and its investors began questioning what they were doing.

The Qiao Corporation had never dealt with anything like this before, and Qiao Lixin didnt have any experience dealing with issues like this.

Soon he had a big fight with the investors on his hands.

Although Qiao Ximin was happy to see Qiao Lixin in trouble with his project, it was not really good news for her because she also had a project with the Mu Corporation.

If she became a target because of this, or even if something went wrong, it would not be a good thing for her.

In her office, Qiao Ximins most capable subordinate, Bi He, acted as both her secretary and her bodyguard.

Other than helping her with her work and ensuring her safety, he was also responsible for gathering confidential intelligence from the other bodyguards who worked for him.

Qiao Ximin had asked him to investigate the cause of the accident on Qiao Lixins project the moment that she realized that the Qiao Corporation was in trouble.

“Eldest Young Mistress, we have just received news that the Mu Corporation is holding an emergency board meeting today.

The Young Commander is attending personally.”

Qiao Ximin suddenly stood up from her chair.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her.

If she could fight for the chance to meet the Young Commander and negotiate with him, not only would she be able to snatch the responsibility for this project from Qiao Lixin, but she would also be able to meet the Young Commander.

This was in fact killing two birds with one stone.

“Have you investigated what I asked you to investigate What happened”

Bi He took out the document in his hand and handed it over.

“Ive already investigated it thoroughly.

These few photos can prove that it was the Han Corporations people who did it.

During the Han Corporations board of directors meeting, this girl called Yun Xi showed up on behalf of the Young Commander.

She seems to have angered everyone.

It is said that the Han Corporations current crisis has all been caused by her and the Young Commander.

Han Yaotian did this to take revenge on our Qiao Corporation for snatching away the project that had originally been his and also to attack the Young Commander.”

Qiao Ximin opened the document and looked at the photos.

When she saw that Yun Xi was mentioned, she suddenly snapped the folder closed.

Qiao Ximin was filled with jealousy.

The more jealous she became, the more she wished she could stomp Yun Xi into the ground.

The Yun family was just a small family and could not even be considered a prestigious family.

So what if her father was some kind of a big shot in the bureaucracy… There were many officials in Jingdu who were higher than her father.

The Qiao family could easily suppress them.

“That d*mn girl is really persistent.

Shes just an underage girl.

What right does she have to represent the Young Commander and to attend a board meeting of the Han Corporation I guess she was just there to cause trouble.”

“Rumor has it…that she is now a major shareholder of the Han Corporation.

She holds 35 percent of the Han Corporations shares, making her the real owner.”

Bi He had just splashed Qiao Ximin with cold water.

“What She, she…” That was 35 percent of the shares! How could Yun Xi…she herself couldnt even afford it.

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“That must be all the Young Commanders doing.

How could a poor beggar like her be able to fork out such a huge sum of money Do you think that the shares belonging to those shareholders were bought with his money”

Bi He lowered his head and didnt say anything.

They were just sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight.

If it wasnt for the fact that the Young Commander was involved, they wouldnt have paid attention at all.

At the thought that the Young Commander had actually spent so much money on that poor beggar, Qiao Ximin felt an enormous lump in her chest..

She wanted to spit it out, but it was firmly lodged!

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