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Chapter 1210: Too Deep to Move

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She recalled the scene in the meeting room and her merciless battle with Han Yaotian.

The feeling she had gotten remained as a slight high in her mind, and she guessed that Han Yaotian would have wanted her dead by the end of it.

Despite her win, she did not seem as happy as Mu Feichi had imagined her to be.

The road ahead of her was going to be long, and there were many steps to take to reach the end result of her plans.

Yun Xi had to ensure that she took each step correctly and with extra caution.

The weight on her shoulders had increased.

She could not repeat what she had done today even with Mu Feichis support behind her.

Han Yaotian had spoken truthfully when hed threatened that her every action and her every word would be related to the future and reputation of Mu Feichi once their relationship had been revealed to the public.

She made a mental note regarding her future plans.

She had to make sure they had been thoroughly examined from all sides.

She could not afford a margin of error.

She wiggled over to where Mu Feichi was sitting and leaned her head on his shoulders.

The tension she had built up in her body was instantly released, and she curled her body up in exhaustion.

Mu Feichi was the only one Yun Xi could show her true self to.

All her weaknesses and her fatigue she allowed herself to bear with Mu Feichi.

She may be a strong figure to others, but Mu Feichi knew her for who she was.

“I do appreciate having you behind my back, but I still think its better for me to rely on myself more to achieve my goals.”

Though Yun Xi had relied on some of her personal connections, the larger contributor to her success was still the never-ending care that came from Mu Feichi.

He was willing to give her anything she wanted, and he was willing to do anything to obtain them for her.

To be in love with someone like Mu Feichi was akin to being in love with a drug: there was pain, but there was also happiness.

Yun Xis explanation unveiled to Mu Feichi the reason why she did not seem as delighted with the event as hed thought she would be.

What Han Yaotian had said had reminded Yun Xi that Mu Feichi had become her weak spot and her source of vulnerability, as she was his.

Under any other circumstances, the event would have made him happy.

They were each others weaknesses because they truly loved and cared for each other.

Yet, he could not bring himself to be happy as his sweetheart was being threatened by Han Yaotian with him as the bargaining chip.

He reached out and pulled her closer.

With Yun Xis head resting on his lap, he smiled faintly as he caressed her face.

“But I have to say, Han Yaotian is clever.

All he had to do is make a slight threat, and it got to you.

You know, even if you are using my name you can still do whatever you want.

I dont care what others say.

I live for you, you know, not them.”

“But I care.

I dont want to ruin your future.”

To anyone else, the excuse may seem to hold a semblance of truth.

But to Mu Feichi, it was no more than an amusing joke.

Mu Feichi could not hold back his laughter.

He reached out and lightly patted her pink cheeks.

“Tell me.

babe, who am I right now”

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“The Young Commander of Jun Country and the head of the Mu family.”

“Theres only one person ahead of me and thousands below me.

What more of a future do I need Do I want to be the President”

“…” The words had left her speechless.

With Mu Feichis current status and standing, if he did not wish to become the President, then there was no other need for him to climb any higher on the social ladder.

He was at the top.

“Ive lived my life for the people of Jun Country and for the Mu family.

Who says I could not live for you as well It matters little to me what others think, and I dont care even if it did matter.

If I could not give my loved ones the lives they want to live with all I have, then why did I work so hard to have this life”

Yun Xi blinked and laughed bitterly.

She looked at the bitter yet cheesy man who was sitting so close to her.

She once again realized how fortunate she was to have met him in her life.

“Youre willing to do anything for me.

Arent you afraid that I will cause you more trouble than necessary”

His willingness to help and love for her had made her sink deeper and deeper into her love for him, too deep for her to move.

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