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Chapter 1208: Hatred of Han Yaotian

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Yun Xi nodded and replied unhesitatingly, “Sure!”

Her enemies were not the shareholders but Han Yaotian, Han Wanling, and Han Hongbin alone.

Her answer had been too quick and resolute and the others could not help but doubt the sincerity behind her agreement.

Worry about what were Yun Xis future plans hung in the air.

However, Yun Xi continued her innocent act as the eyes in the room studied her cautiously.

She had accomplished what she had set out to do, and, in retrospect, the lies and reasons provided by Han Yaotian about resolving the crisis within the corporation seemed to be made simply as a means of deterrence against Yun Xi.

It did not matter.

The battle between Yun Xi and Han Yaotian had officially begun.

Whoever gets the last laugh will be the one who has the best methods on hand.

The happenings in the meeting room had been broadcast via the security cameras to the control room at Mu Feichis base.

In the room, Mu Feichi leaned leisurely back in his chair supporting his head on his hand, his eyes fixed on Yun Xis actions on the screen.

Yun Xis expression glowed with the confidence of a general after the battle had been won.

He had witnessed the entire meeting.

He had seen how Yun Xi had handled the sly veteran shareholders and how she had backed Han Yaotian into a corner.

The cold and ruthless side of Yun Xi and the Yun Xi he interacted with daily were worlds apart.

He felt as if he was watching a seasoned expert at work, and he could barely understand it.

Not only that, the hatred Yun Xi had for Han Yaotian stood out like a sore thumb.

This side of Yun Xi was foreign to him, and this unknown had triggered a sudden fear in Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi knew that there was much that he did not understand and much more that was out of his control.

Nevertheless, he could not help but be taken aback by the events occurring before him.

The scene had awakened a fear within him, a fear that Yun Xi might leave him behind one day.

“Young Commander, dont you think Miss Yun and Han Yaotian seemed to be…”

Qi Yuan, who had been standing beside Mu Feichi, had enjoyed the drama as well.

However, his status as an outsider had made the situation more clear to him.

“Seemed to be what” Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and turned to face Qi Yuan before returning his gaze to the security monitor.

As the meeting had come to a close, Yun Xi had approached Han Yaotian and commented meaningfully, “I hope I wont be disappointed by what you bring to the table, Director Han.”

Her words were loaded with hatred, and Yun Xi was floating above him and mocking his humiliation, her words anticipating the entertaining battle that was to come.

The infinite confidence that Yun Xi displayed was not only foreign to him, it had made his heart break as well.

“I dont know if its just me, but its almost as if…she hated him to the bone.

Ive always felt that she had something personal against Han Yaotian, and she was particularly merciless when it came to the Han Corporation.

Young Commander, I know you wanted to see this ruthless side of her, but Ive always felt that there was more to this than what meets the eye.”

The only possible dispute between Yun Xi and Han Yaotian after Yun Xi had returned to Jingdu would have been the kidnapping that occurred.

If that event was what had motivated Yun Xi to take revenge, it would be reasonable.

However, Yun Xi had drawn up a grand plan and had taken action mercilessly on the Han Corporation first.

It was a surprise.

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It was unbelievable that Yun Xi was highly aware of the corruption within the Han Corporation that was undisclosed to Yun Xi.

It was obvious to them that the conflict between Yun Xi and Han Yaotian was more than what met the eye.

“Down to her bones…”

Mu Feichi mumbled.

Then he looked away from the security monitor and his eyes mirrored the chill in his heart.

If Qi Yuan could make that observation, so too could someone who had been close to her and kept her always in his mind.

However, Yun Xi had never mentioned it or talked about it.

She had concealed her hatred well, and Mu Feichi had never felt that he should ask about it.

He was afraid that he might reopen an old wound.

To love her and to cherish her meant to hope and give her the happiness and joy she deserved.

Mu Feichi believed in that.

Others were nothing but trivial matters to him

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