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Chapter 1207: Here for the Show

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Yun Xi paused, her eyes scanning the other directors coldly, “I didnt say I was going to pull the corporation out of trouble.

I have a right to say and do nothing as a shareholder, yet still gain the benefits that you all gain.

A bankruptcy of the Han Corporation doesnt hurt me.

I still have plenty of money.”

One of the shareholders barked back, “The Han Corporations downfall will affect your own gains.

If you dont lack money, then why would you spend so much to buy the two other shareholders shares.”

“Impulse purchase.” Yun Xi took the words that had come out of Mu Feichis mouth earlier today and replied innocently.

“You!!” The shareholder choked on his words at the brazenness of Yun Xis reply.

His lips trembled as he pointed at her, but no words came out of him.

Another shareholder scoffed at her and asked his own questions.

“Why dont you go into philanthropy Why are you here at the Han Corporation”

“Im here for the show.

Iits always nice to get front row seats to a drama.”

Yun Xi leaned casually back in her chair, her composure in the face of the other shareholders fuming anger making her seem as if she was an outsider.

“Enough, everyone be quiet!” Han Yaotian slammed his folder on the table, his cold gaze shooting at Yun Xi like bullets.

He knew she had come to stir up trouble, and since the Young Commander could not make it, she held all the power in her hands and could do whatever she pleased.

Yet he feared that if he got on her bad side, she would release more scandals about the inner workings of the Han Corporation.

He was sandwiched between a rock and a hard place and he deliberated, trying desperately to figure out what to do.

If she was here to take revenge on his fathers attempted assassination, it would be no problem for him to handle her and end her incessant attacks on the Han Corporation.

However, if that was not the case, Yun Xis appearance only signaled a beginning and not the end of troubles for the Han Corporation.

“What are you trying to accomplish, Yun Xi If you dont want to help as a shareholder, I will not force you, but dont keep adding more fuel to the fire.

I know you have as much money as you need from the Young Commander, but arent you worried what others will say when they hear about your behavior today And what will they think of the Young Commander What will the Mu Corporation think about the head of their corporation Your reputation may not matter to you, but what about his He put so much money into this, arent you afraid you will cause him trouble”

Yun Xi frowned, her gaze turning ice-cold in response to Han Yaotians words.

Her hand that was resting on the laptop flexed slightly.

Han Yaotian had found her weak spot.

She was Mu Feichis weakness, and so was Mu Feichi her weakness.

It was possible that she could use Mu Feichi against Han Yaotian, and it was definitely possible that Hao Yaotian could use Mu Feichi against her as well.

It seemed that Han Yaotian had not lost his cool yet.

“Dont use the Young Commander to threaten me, Director Han.

You know why I am sitting here today.

Anyway, how you choose to tackle this crisis is none of my business.

However, if you do want me to help…”

Propping up her chin on her hand, Yun Xi looked at Han Yaotian with a half-smile.

Her eyes were sincere yet proud.

“Then you can always ask me for help, Director Han.”

She was certain that this was something that Han Yaotian would never do.

She had only said all this in order to take a deeper jab at Han Yaotian.

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“I can handle the crisis on my own.

All I ask Miss Yun to do is to stop adding troubles for us.

Even if you dont wish to offer us any assistance, the other directors have not offended you, so please hold back on your comments.”

It was a rare sight for her to witness Han Yaotian cursing under his breath at such a close distance.

She had seen nothing like this in either of her lives..

She was euphoric.

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