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Chapter 1206: Trapped

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As Yun Xi had expected, Han Yaotian began promising the shareholders that their profits would not be lost as a mean of pacifying them.

He even began talking to them about a few of the other projects that the Han Corporation was involved in as a way to bluff the shareholders into believing that everything was all right.

The shareholders did not participate in discussions about the companys decision-making and management, so they were not aware of how lucrative these projects that Han Yaotian was talking about were, but Yun Xi was.

However, this mattered little to Yun Xi.

Things were going according to her plans, and she knew that Han Yaotian did not have what it took to resolve the current crisis faced by the Han Corporation.

If he had, the plan with the Prime Minister would not have been necessary.

Yun Xi gave her laptop a little knock as she looked up at Han Yaotian and asked, “I heard that the possible collaboration with the Mu Corporation has been snatched away by the Qiao Corporation.

Im not sure what Director Han plans to do about that.”

Yun Xi had picked the right fuel for the fire, and Han Yaotian became filled with rage.

Losing this project had been the beginning of the Han Corporations crisis, and though he was the head of the project, he had been the last to find out about this.

He had used every possible means of manipulating Yun Xi into arranging a meeting between him and the Young Commander.

All had come to nothing, and the only gain for the Han Corporation was a large lump sum of compensation money and the image of the Han Corporation being set ablaze.

He had initially obtained the project through Yun Xi, and Yun Xi had then taken this project out of his hands.

He felt like he had been treated like a fool for her entertainment.

The worst part was that he still had to clean up the mess the incident had caused, which was like having salt rubbed deeply into his wounds.

In all his life, this was the first time he had been utterly humiliated.

It would have been acceptable if it had been a worthy opponent, yet he had fallen into the hands of a young girl who he thought was easy to fool.

He was afraid that he had already fallen into her trap when hed been thinking he was making full use of her relationships.

Han Yaotian had foolishly believed that Yun Xis innocence and naivete had made her an easy tool to use, but her sudden change of tactics had caught him completely off guard.

She had definitely served as a lesson in trust for Han Yaotian.

He would never place his trust in any other women, not to mention a young girl barely of age.

“Why do you ask me, Miss Yun You were the cause of it.

You should be the one giving everyone an explanation.”

Han Yaotians words reflected the precise emotions of the other shareholders, and the others chimed in as soon as he had said that.


Youre a major shareholder now.

How can you act like this”

“If you destroy all our profits, we have the right to remove you from the board of directors.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and held her cool against all the threats coming from the older men.

Her emotionless display seemed to detach her from the situation.

She seemed like she was merely a simple observer of the situation.

Her flippant attitude added fear to the outrage of the shareholders.

Their teeth clenched with anger as they simultaneously worried about Yun Xis next move and her support from the Young Commander, which made them hesitate about doing anything rash.

They could finally understand why Han Hongbin had been willing to hire a hitman to handle Yun Xi.

They understood the need to eliminate her.

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“So you will push the responsibility for your incompetence onto me Is the Han Corporation this pathetic This is very amusing.”

As she spoke, Yun Xi did not bother to give the board members with red faces another look but focused her sights on Han Yaotian.

Yun Xi flashed him a dazzling smile and continued, “I just said, if Director Han thinks he is not good enough to handle all these responsibilities, you can simply pass us your letter of resignation and give the position to me.

Who knows I may have a way to handle all these problems.

As for now….”

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