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Chapter 1202: Mu Feichi Takes the Blame

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Han Wanling looked at the signature on the share transfer agreements with disbelief.

She then looked at Yun Xi, who stood in front of her.

From her attitude, it was clear that she had not come with good intentions.

“No, thats impossible! You…how could you afford the shares of the two board members”

Han Wanling slammed the agreement on the conference table with trembling hands, her eyes filled with jealousy and hatred.

How was this even possible

Other than the Young Commander helping her, who else could it be

The Young Commander had actually helped her to sabotage the Han family.

It was no wonder that the Han family had been caught off guard and had not even made any plans to protect themselves or to retaliate.

This d*mn girl had hooked up with the Young Commander and made life difficult for the Han family.

She had even almost gotten one of their workers to kill her.

She wasnt going to let this matter rest so easily.

“How does Miss Han know what I can afford Furthermore, as long as one has money, one can buy shares.”

Han Wanling suddenly looked up at Yun Xi.

Her venom-laced eyes were like snakes, emitting intense malice.

“What exactly do you want”

“What do you think I want Your father hired someone to kill me, so there is no reason that I cant retaliate, right”

When Yun Xi suddenly mentioned Han Hongbins murder plot, the quiet meeting room immediately erupted.

No one expected that the mysterious girl mentioned in the newspaper was this girl.

They were all clear about Han Hongbins intention to hire an assassin to kill someone.

Hed wanted to threaten and warn the Young Commander.

Now suddenly this girl had appeared on the board of directors and held 35 percent of the shares.

This meant that…this was the Young Commanders response.

The person who had actually attacked the Han Corporation behind the scenes was in fact the Young Commander…

Yun Xi listened to them all discussing about Mu Feichi attacking the Han Corporation.

It seemed as if Mu Feichi was going to have to take the blame for her again.

After all, no one would believe that she was behind all of this because of her age.

However, she knew that Han Yaotian and Han Wanling would believe her.

The two share transfer agreements were passed from Han Yaotian and Han Wanling to the other shareholders to view.

No one seemed to be able to believe that 35 percent of the shares had fallen into the hands of this young girl.

Moreover, she was an unknown young girl.

At her age, how could she have had the ability to purchase such a large quantity of shares But if it was not her, who was she representing today

The shareholders made all kinds of guesses, but only two people knew why Yun Xi was standing there.

Han Yaotians gaze toward Yun Xi gradually became deep and dark.

The expression on his handsome face was hard to fathom, and many thoughts were flashing through his mind.

When he had gone to look for Yun Xi the last time, shed told him that the Young Commander wasnt going to take any action.

The methods used to attack the Han family really didnt seem to be like the Young Commanders style.

It was only when he saw her standing there that he realized that the real culprit was her.

Although the Young Commander was not here today in person, he had given her power and help.

He simply did not think that a young girl like her would be able to pull something like this off toward the Han family.

For her to be so cunning at such a young age, even he had to admit defeat.

In the future…

He did not dare think about the future.

He had misjudged the situation and underestimated Yun Xi.

He had always treated her as someone who was climbing up the Young Commanders ladder.

Perhaps it was because of her young age that he had treated her like a little girl and had never taken her seriously.

From the looks of it, he had made a mistake and had neglected to be wary of such an expert.

If he had roped her into his camp earlier, things would not have turned out this way.

Now that she had become a major shareholder of the Han Corporation, did that mean he still had a chance to win her over

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