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Chapter 1200: Show Your Power

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Han Wanling and Han Yaotian had been searching everywhere for companies they could invest in during the Han Corporations crisis.

They had not had any good news for several days.

Especially now when it was time for the board meeting, it made Han Yaotian, who was acting as Chairman, feel even more frustrated.

With so many shareholders questioning him at once, Han Yaotian, who had yet to secure his position on the board, was going to have a hard time handling it.

At the Han Corporation…

The private elevator slowly rose until it stopped at the 37th floor.

Han Yaotian looked in the mirror inside the elevator with a cold expression.

He straightened his collar and walked out of the elevator with a serious face.

His secretary, Lin Wei, was already waiting outside the elevator.

When he stepped out, she walked forward and said politely, “Chairman Han, the shareholders on the board of directors have arrived and are in the conference room.

They are waiting for you.”

“Okay, got it.” Han Yaotian replied and casually asked, “Are there any shareholders who havent come”

“There are…there are two shareholders who have yet to arrive.

I didnt receive any news that they werent coming, so they should be on their way.”

“Understood.” Han Yaotian took a deep breath, pushed open the door, and walked in.

As he entered the large conference room, the people sitting at the conference table all turned to look at him.

Their expressions werent happy, and they were whispering among themselves.

Dressed in a pinkish-purple suit, Han Wanling sat quietly on the right-hand side of his chair.

When she saw that Han Yaotian did not say anything, she could not hide a slight hint of pride in her face.

Since her father had given her the position of chairman, it should have been her in charge of this meeting.

However, ever since Han Yaotian had snatched it away, she had had to assume the role of vice president.

Even if he was going to be questioned by the shareholders, it had nothing to do with her.

She was only here enjoying the show.

Han Yaotian slowly walked to his seat.

His expression did not change as he glanced at the group of old men on the board of directors and noticed the places of the two shareholders who had not yet arrived.

In the end, he smiled politely.

“Im sorry, everyone.

There was a traffic jam on the way.

Sorry for making you wait.”

“Since you knew there was a board meeting, you should have been punctual as youre the acting Chairman.

Youre not just late, but youre half an hour late.

Its not nice for us shareholders to have to wait for you.

Since the chairman appointed you as the temporary chairman, you have to act like one.”

One of the older shareholders took advantage of his seniority and lectured him.

Han Yaotian smiled and replied, “Thank you for your guidance, Uncle Ren.

I will remember it.”

Under the guidance of his elders, Han Yaotian was still able to put on a humble front.

His humble attitude made the shareholders who had been waiting for more than half an hour calm down a little.

“There are two shareholders are not here yet.

Please wait patiently for a little while more.”

Han Yaotians words diverted the other shareholders attention to the two late shareholders.

They had not expected someone to arrive even later than he had.

The shares in the hands of these two shareholders had already become Yun Xis.

The one who was late was none other than her.

Yun Xi looked at the man sitting next to her in the car.

She adjusted her pink pearl necklace.

She had purposely dressed herself up a bit more professionally.

However, she had not expected this formal dress to make her look like a socialite attending a banquet.

It made Gu Baifan laugh nonstop.

Noticing that she was fidgeting, Mu Feichi grabbed her hand and comforted her with a half-smile.

“All right, dont be nervous..

Show your power! Youre now a major shareholder of the Han Corporation.

What are you afraid of those old guys for”

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