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Chapter 1194: Its Your Decision

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Yun Xi knew very well what was on Yun Yuanfengs mind.

Even though Yun Yuanfeng had sent her to try to please high-ranking officials in her previous life, it was only because he had wanted to get the director position.

It wasnt that he didnt want to continue climbing up the ladder in his career.

However, the benefits he could get from his current position were beyond anyones imagination.

The stamp of the director that he controlled could determine the approval of a permit for any construction plans in Jingdu.

The companies of the three noble families are the main pillars of the economy in Jingdu, but they had some privileges in relation to these permit procedures.

For example, they dont have to ask Yun Yuanfeng to approve their permits, like all the other smaller enterprises do.

Sometimes, the smaller enterprises couldnt get their licenses without giving money or sending women to please Yun Yuanfeng.

If it had been necessary for the noble families to ask his permission, Yun Yuanfeng would have used his authority to reach out to these families long ago.

And, most important, Yun Yuanfeng prefers money over any career progression anyway.

If that had not been true, he wouldnt have remained as a deputy director for so long.

He had spent all that time waiting for the previous director to retire so that he could be promoted.

Also, now that his mistress was pregnant, he needed more money than ever.

If it hadnt been apparent that he wouldnt leave his current position very easily, Yun Xi wouldnt have returned home so casually today.

“Father, a promotion for you is not impossible.

You have been in this position for so long, and Im sure you know that the benefits you get in this current position are way more than other higher-ranking officials get.

You may have more authority upon promotion, but you will also get more attention.

There will also be more people who will check up on you.

I cant help you again if you realize that you are getting less and regret the change.

After all, I can only ask for one favor from Second Master Jiang.”

After Yun Xi had finished her sentence, she smiled and looked at Yun Yuanfeng, who was deep in thought.

What she had just said was probably a good reminder to him.

Now the choice would be entirely up to him.

Once hed made up his mind, he would have to stick it out to the end, even if it was a wrong decision.

Giving him time to consider, Yun Xi turned around to look at Liang Xiuqin, who seemed to have plans up her sleeves too.

During the past year, Yun Xi had already used several tricks to let Liang Xiuqin know that it wasnt easy to take advantage of her.

But it was too bad that Liang Xiuqin just never learned.

“Mother, are you also thinking about asking me to go through Second Master Jiang to find some good future prospects for Yun Ziling Rather than thinking about this, it is probably better if you spend more effort trying to find the cure for Yun Zilings illness.

Even if she caught the attention of a wealthy family, no one would agree to the marriage once they knew that she had a congenital condition.

It has always been like that in these families, so its no use even if you wanted to try your luck.”

“Shes ill because of all the bad karma you have thrown on this family!” Liang Xiuqin felt herself getting angry whenever this topic came up.

Liang Xiuqin felt even angrier when she realized that Yun Xi was gradually getting prettier than Yun Ziling.

Yun Ziling could have had it all, but everything went to this wretched girl.

Yun Xi got a healthy body, a pretty face, and good social connections.

But her poor Ziling ended up with nothing.

The more Liang Xiuqin thought about it, the more disgruntled she became.

She had always been worried about all the serious and minor illnesses Yun Ziling had gone through.

All she could do was to blame all her sufferings on Yun Xi, who she felt was a jinx.

Liang Xiuqin glared resentfully at Yun Xi as if she were a stranger.

Her prejudice and resentment had utterly overwhelmed her rationality, and even her words were full of hatred.

“Let me tell you this.

If your sister cannot find a good family to rely on, then dont you even think about having a good life.”

When Yun Yuanfeng came back to his senses, he noticed that Liang Xiuqin seemed to be losing her mind again.

So he grabbed a cushion and threw it at her forcefully..

He then gave her a warning look.

“Shut up!”

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