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Chapter 1192: Every Flavor

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As she left school, Yun Xi placed a call to the butler at Mu Mansion.

She asked him if he could obtain a camellia plant from the province of Yunnan so that she could take it to the Yun family residence.

Grandfather Yun had developed an affinity for the natural world after his retirement, and the one flower that he treasured most was the famous Japanese camellia.

Yunnan province was known for its production of numerous species of Japanese camellia.

It had even produced the Shiba Xueshi variety of camellia that was known as the most exquisite species of the flower.

It was rare and pricey.

As soon as Mu Feichi had seen her request, he had asked a comrade who lived in Yunnan to obtain a Shiba Xueshi camellia for her.

Knowing flowers and flower arranging were mandatory subjects for socialites.

Yun Xi knew that a Japanese camellia plant wouldnt be cheap.

However, if Mu Feichi didnt bring it up, she wouldnt bring it up either.

To someone who didnt see money as important, it would be embarrassing to talk about paying him back.

To thank him for the effort he had made on her behalf, Yun Xi treated Mu Feichi to a meal of home-cooked dumplings.

She made more than 18 different kinds of them.

Some were made from seafood, and she also made every other possible flavor, a feat that took much effort from her.

For the sake of pleasing her grandfather, Yun Xi did not see this effort as wasted time.

Then she headed home.

When she arrived, it didnt take long for Yun Xi to see her grandpa in the front yard tending to pots of blossoming chrysanthemums and a few pots of camellias that had yet to blossom.

She walked toward the busy old man with her plant.

“Look what I brought for you, Grandpa!”

Yun Xi set the flower pot down on the closest rack.

Grandfather Yun turned around and caught sight of the plant, whose stems were full of buds yet to blossom.

The old man put on his glasses to take a better look and instantly recognized the species.

AIYO! “Shiba Xueshi! Where did you get this This is a very expensive plant.”

Her grandpa gave her a searching look.

“A friend gave it to me.

He got it from his friend in Yunnan.

I dont know how to take care of it, and I remembered how you know a lot about plants.

I asked him to let me bring it home to give it to you.

They say only those who love plants know how to take care of them, and Grandpa, youre the expert.

If it stays with me, it will only wither and die, and it will be such a waste.”

“That would be a terrible waste.

This flower takes some effort to grow, especially one of such an exquisite strain.

You kids dont have the patience.”

“Of course not! You have to keep it, Grandpa! When it blooms next spring, I want you to take pictures of it so that I can see these famous flowers.”

“I see, I see…I will.”

As their conversation came to a close, it occurred to Grandfather Yun that the day was neither a Friday nor the weekend.

Yun Xis return was unexpected.

“Its only Wednesday, why are you back now”

“Father called me to come back.

I dont know what has happened.”

Grandfather had caught a few words of the conversation upstairs and had a rough idea about what the intention of calling Yun Xi home was.

Nodding, he said, “You know how your dad is.

Dont do anything if it will only bring harm to you.

Grandpa is on your side always.”

Yun Xi nodded and smiled.

“I know, Grandpa, I know.”

As she headed into the living room, Yun Xi saw that Yun Yuanfeng and Liang Xiuqin were sitting on the sofa awaiting her arrival.

Yun Ziling and Yun Chuhan were still at school, but Auntie knew that she was coming and had made some treats for her.

“Im home.” Yun Xi took the hot milk tea from Auntie and sat down on the couch.

Her expression stayed blank as she met Yun Yuanfengs meaningful gaze.

“You know how your mother offended Second Master Jiang and then the Young Commander settled the issue for us.

Well, I heard from your mom that you and the Second Master are friends.

Are you two on good terms”

Yun Xi raised her brows.

“I guess we could be called friends.

But we are not close..

Weve just helped each other out once or twice.

Why do you bring this up, Father”

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