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Chapter 1186: Counterterrorism Expert

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Appeasing Mu Feichi like this worked every time.

Saying the right words to him never went wrong.

And since what shed said was also the truth, who doesnt like to hear complimentary words about oneself that are undeniably true

Not to mention, Yun Xi knew that with these kinds of words, she could guarantee that Mu Feichi would never find anything wrong with them.

As she had expected, the man who had heard this remark was so happy that he embraced Yun Xi and showed her off to Yi Qianmo.

“Did you hear that What is the use of being good-looking if youre not as popular as I am.

You see, you are still not useful.”

Yi Qianmo snorted and turned away from the back seat.

As he was sitting in the car right now, he felt like a 1,000-watt lightbulb, forced to watch their lovey-dovey antics.

“Uh, I didnt mean that.

I was just telling the truth.

It was not directed at you, Young Master Yi…”

Yun Xi kicked Mu Feichi and told him not to be so arrogant and self-satisfied.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, and, with a nonchalant look, his thin lips approached Yun Xi, smiling and teasing her.

“Babe, its okay if you dont explain yourself.

The more you explain, the more salt youre adding to his wounds.

What kind of nonsense truth is that”

“You shut up…” Yun Xi bit her lips angrily, glaring at Mu Feichi who was adding to her insulting sentence.

She wasnt trying to offend anyone, but Mu Feichi had deliberately stressed her out and made her feel like the filling of a cookie, sandwiched between the two old friends in a difficult situation.

Yi Qianmo naturally would not argue with Yun Xi.

After all, she was not the one who had started the trouble.

Coughing lightly, Yun Xi turned her head to look at the figure in the passenger seat, somewhat curious about his identity and occupation, and also desperate to change the subject.

“Young Master Yi, what profession are you in Is it also… the military” However, she didnt see much military authority surrounding him.

On the contrary, his good-looking face made it somewhat difficult for her to guess his occupation.

Turning sideways to look at Yun Xi in the back seat, Yi Qianmo smiled in a teasing manner and said, “Me What do you think I should be doing with such a good-looking face”

Yun Xi mulled it over carefully for a moment.

“You dont seem like a soldier, nor do you look like Ling Jing who works with trends and crafts.

You look so good, it would be really easy for people to mistake your occupation.

Somehow, it seems its almost impossible to guess what your profession is, unless youre a male model on the runway.”

“Runway model” Yi Qianmo couldnt help but laugh and touch the face that he was so proud of.

“I guess that when I lose my job in the future, I can still change my career to become a model.”

“Oh, well, since you said that, youre definitely not a model.

I cant guess…”

Mu Feichis friends occupations were all strange and weird, and anyway, she didnt have a clue about what he actually did.

Yun Xi turned her head and approached Mu Feichi with a half-smile and an inquisitive face to ask him to give her a hint.

Mu Feichi laughed and stroked her head, explaining to her, “Hes an expert in counterterrorism, an expert in negotiation, and definitely a soldier.”

“Ah How…how…is…that…possible He…”

Yun Xi looked disbelieving.

She turned her head to look at the feminine and charismatic man carefully.

There was no way to associate him with the identity that Mu Feichi had just described.

“He doesnt seem to have the presence of a military man.

Youre not lying to me, are you”

Just as Yun Xi was struggling to digest Yi Qianmos identity, the man in the passenger seat took several documents out of his bag and handed them to her.

Looking over the documents, she could see that one of them was an expert certificate issued by the United Nations.

The man in the photo seemed to have more of a warm, elegant temperament than the man sitting in the front seat.

Its really true! He is a world-class counterterrorism expert.


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