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Chapter 1184: Yi Qianmo

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The young heads of Jingdus three most powerful families have been friends since childhood.

They have grown up together and are serious in their support for each other.

Yun Xi knows both Jiang Chenghuan and Huo Tingxiao, two men with very different personalities.

Neither is a character who should ever be underestimated.

Yun Xi thought that people who were friends with Mu Feichi were generally serious, deep guys.

No matter how much Jiang Chenghuan liked to fool around, when he got serious, his mind was more elusive than anyone elses.

Even his friend Ling Jing, a top international designer, has an extraordinary identity.

However, when Yun Xi saw the figure walking toward them, she realized what was meant by the saying, a man more beautiful than a woman.

The person walking toward her was obviously a man.

At first glance, when Yun Xi noticed his stunning face, she subconsciously determined his biological sex from his Adams apple.

This stunning man was enchanting, with a touch of deviousness apparent in his charming eyes, which were light and elegant with a deep sharpness.

He had an air about him that was slightly wicked and a feminine face without a single flaw.

With just a single glance you would never forget his gorgeous face.

And, sad to say, in terms of appearance, Im afraid that even Mu Feichi seemed slightly inferior to him.

The man in front of her seemed to be dressed in a casual, relaxed outfit, but in fact not one part of the outfit was ordinary.

From top to bottom, his clothes had been privately made to order.

He never wore a single brand, and his look was simple yet original.

After getting to know Ling Jing, she has a developed a better understanding of fashion and trends, and she is now able to identify a persons taste, as well as the brand they are wearing and the price of their entire outfit, with just a glance.

This feminine, charming man standing alongside an iron-blooded and masculine soldier like Mu Feichi seemed like a collision between a cocktail and a whiskey, the former soft and mellow, the latter hot and strong.

Yi Qianmo looked at the young girl standing beside Mu Feichi with his eyebrows slightly raised, his sultry eyes obviously undergoing undisguised measurement.

Hed thought that the young girl who had tamed the Young Commander would be some kind of big shot, but he never would have thought that it would be a…soft young girl.

He was especially surprised by her face, which looked so young, tender, and delicate, as well as inexperienced.

However, her beautiful eyes held a toughness and a sharpness that were impossible to ignore.

This is really…a special girl.

He had never dreamed that the Young Commander would fall for someone like this.

No one else would have believed it either.

Ignoring all the many pretty heiresses in Jingdu and going after this little one, he was finding it hard to believe.

And if he was finding it hard to believe, he could only imagine the crazy hubbub this would create when all these heiresses in Jingdu found out that Mu Feichi was going to marry Yun Xi.

“Yi Qianmo, Yun Xi.” Mu Feichi gave them the simplest of introductions, not even bothering to explain much about their identities.

“Hello, Im Yi Qianmo, the Young Commanders childhood friend.” Yi Qianmo introduced himself to Yun Xi with a smile.

“Hello! Im Yun Xi.” Yun Xi nodded politely toward him, a bright smile on her rosy-cheeked face.

With such a beautiful man standing in front of her, it was so easy to lose ones composure.

Seeing her smiling so brightly at another man, a certain jealousy kicked in to Mu Feichi.

He stepped in front of Yun Xi and said directly to Yi Qianmo, “The car is waitin outside.

Lets get going!”

Yi Qianmo glanced at the little thing that Mu Feichi was hiding behind his back, and he snorted with laughter.

“So protective.

Are you really worried about me”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and shot back nonchalantly, “You better not give me any reason to worry!”

Any woman would look more than a few times at him because he was so good-looking.

Of course he was nervous about protecting his love.

“Its really true what they say..

Love comes in many shapes and sizes.”

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