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Chapter 1177: Whos Behind This

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Chen Yichen looked up, and his hand holding the agreement paused.

His handsome face could not hide his surprise.

“Do you know who it is” In the current situation going on at the Han Corporation, anyone who wanted to do something would take action at this time.

Taking advantage of these kind of situations was not something new for business tycoons.

It was always the case that to the victor belonged the spoils.

It was natural selection.

Whoever was more capable would stand at the top of the food chain.

“Im not sure yet.

Ive already sent people to investigate, but there seem to be two groups of people.”

“Two groups of people” Chen Yichen frowned as he scanned the figures on the screen.

“One of them is probably the Young Commanders men.

Get someone to investigate right away, and let me know after you confirm the information.”

“Yes, sir.” Xu Han nodded and left the office.

Turning his chair around, Chen Yichen stood up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

He lifted his eyes to look at the setting sun that was slowly sinking beyond the horizon.

As he pondered, his warm eyes slowly turned cold.

If the Young Commander was making a move for the Han Corporation also, that meant he would have a backup plan.

At this time, the Han Corporations crisis did not seem too serious.

No matter how one looked at it, it did not seem like this had been the Young Commanders doing.

If it had been the Young Commander, he would have been even more ruthless.

However, in this crisis, it was as if someone was playing tricks on the Han Corporation from behind the scenes.

They were exposing the Han Corporations internal affairs one after another, and one trap after another was catching Han Yaotian off guard.

The other party wasnt exposing all of their trump cards at once, but it seemed as if they were using this method to prolong the torture.

How interesting!

Knowing how the Young Commander operated, if he were to take action and decide to buy the Han Corporations shares, he would definitely acquire them fully.

Once the Han Corporation collapsed, the delicate balance between the big four wealthiest families would definitely be broken.

Once the situation changed, as the heir of the Chen family, he had to be prepared.

From the looks of it, his guess back then had not been wrong.

The Young Commander had indeed made a move on the Han Corporation.

If the Zhao family were to join the ranks now and the four wealthiest families were to reshuffle, the situation would definitely become more serious.

The Zhao family… The young mistress of the Zhao family was a girl.

She was simply too inexperienced compared to most of the other treacherous and cunning family heads.

It just so happened, though, that she was that girls best friend.

Even though the Chen family was neutral, it was impossible for him to ignore Yun Xi once she got involved.

It seemed like he had to plan ahead.

At the thought of this, he decided to go with the flow.

He turned around and called home.

After confirming that his father was coming home for dinner, he took his coat from the chair and left the office.

With the help of the police, Han Yaotian finally rescued Han Wanling from the workers.

After being detained for an entire day, Han Wanling had not drunk a single drop of water or eaten a single morsel.

She looked both miserable and exhausted.

Finally sitting in Han Yaotians car, Han Wanling leaned against the back seat and looked weakly at the streetlights passing by outside the window.

Even though the wound on her forehead had been treated, it still hurt terribly.

Her eyes were filled with venom.

This had been the most difficult day she had ever experienced.

Han Yaotian glanced at the back seat through the rearview mirror.

He really had nothing to say to her.

Han Wanling had volunteered to go to the construction site to solve the workers problems.

He had thought that she would be capable of doing this, but in the end, she had needed him to rescue her.

How embarrassing!

After all the ruckus shed raised, not only did she fail to solve the problem, but she had also even made the company obligated to pay a sum of money.

Han Wanling noticed him looking at her in the mirror, and the corners of her lips twitched.

“Look, its useless for you to look at me in that angry way.

I obviously didnt expect them to be so aggressive.

Hows the Young Commander Have you seen him”

“No, he refused to meet with me.” Han Yaotian frowned and took a deep breath.

He suppressed his anger and temporarily put his personal feelings aside.

“This doesnt seem like the Young Commanders doing.

I suspect that someone else is behind this..”

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