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Chapter 117: Stubbornness to Struggle

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After being backed by Jiang Wanyun, that wretched girl had pretended to be civilized to win everyones sympathy.

They, on the contrary, had been embarrassed and humiliated and had almost gotten sent to the police station.

Thinking of her and Yun Zilings standings now in the upper-class social circles in Jingdu, Liang Xiuqin started to panic.

She had the burning desire to unveil Yun Xis hypocritical facade.

She didnt know what Jiang Wanyun had said to old Madame Chen, but old Madame Chen had glanced at Yun Xi and asked Jiang Wanyun to invite her to the main table.

“Yun Xi, old Madame Chen wants you to come up to the main table to have a conversation with her.”

Jiang Wanyuns words caused an uproar throughout the entire auction venue.

Everyone at the auction that night was there to expand their social networks and make the right connections.

After the Yun family had caused such a farce, old Madame Chen had unexpectedly invited Yun Xi to sit at the main table.

Everyone knew what this meant.

Liang Xiuqins expression turned extremely gloomy, and she stared at Yun Xi with green-eyed envy and resentment in her eyes.

Obviously, she was a scourge, so how come all the good luck in the world seemed to fall upon her

Under the envious and antagonistic gaze of all the guests, Yun Xi stood up in a dignified and poised manner and followed Jiang Wanyun to the main table calmly.

At the main table, old Madame Chen looked her up and down, patted her, then asked Yun Xi to sit down.

As soon as Yun Xi had sat down, she keenly felt the burning eyes of Young Marshal Mu, who was sitting directly facing her, on her.

She raised her eyes a little bit and unexpectedly locked eyes with his pitch-black, seemingly bottomless, eyes.

The expression in his eyes wasnt exactly friendly.

Shed obviously had the upper hand in this situation, so why did he seem so displeased

After turning her head away, she amicably made eye contact with old Madame Chen.

Her clear eyes were calm and unobtrusive.

She seemed like a refined and well-bred lady with a sophisticated air of elegance.

“You are the one who saved Chenchens life, the one he wont stop talking about, right”

Old Madame Chen had watched that farce just moments before from beginning to end without interfering at all.

After being framed by her own mother, this girl didnt panic at all and calmly tore apart her mothers lies one by one.

In terms of her mothers cold-hearted favoritism, there was helplessness in her eyes, as well as stubbornness, which aroused sympathy.

Her precious grandson had mentioned a girl in front of her for the very first time, a very amazing girl.

Shed thought it was an exaggeration, but after watching the farce that had gone down today, she felt that her precious grandson wasnt mistaken.

This girl was stubborn, proud, not a weakling, and wouldnt have feebly asked for help like her sister did.

Her stubbornness to struggle on her own reminded her of herself struggling for the sake of her family when she was young.

Obviously isolated and helpless, she still had the burning desire to be a courageous lone wolf.

That kind of courage had spearheaded her success.

“Hello, Madame, my name is Yun Xi.”

“What a nice name!”

Yun Xi sat down next to the old lady, and the two of them started chatting merrily.

The scene at the main table attracted the attention of many of the other guests.

Some were envious, some were bitter.

After their eldest sons had reached adulthood, many wealthy and distinguished families were eager to social climb by establishing marital ties with this family.

But the old Madame was picky, eccentric, and had a whimsical temper.

Rarely did any socialite manage to get into her good graces.

With the way she was acting with Yun Xi, how could she not make people envious

Jiang Henglin was watching Yun Xi chatting with the old Madame pleasantly from where he was sitting, and his face was full of disdain.

It was rare for Lin Yunrong to see her son act so annoyed with anyone, so she glanced at Yun Xi.

Thinking of how dysfunctional Liang Xiuqins family had appeared just moments before, she suddenly felt repulsed by the prospect of such a marriage arrangement.

A family such as the Yun family, caught both stealing and trying to frame their own daughter, was way too notorious for her family to be associated with.

This incident that had gone down today will be brought up in the future, and, when that happens, even the Jiang family will be humiliated and ridiculed by the association.

No, there was no way she could agree to this marriage, no matter what.

Her son was so exemplary.

How could the Yun family deserve someone like him

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