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Chapter 1175: Suspicions

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Mu Mansion at Tianyu Mountain…

It was already autumn in Jingdu.

The temperature at the peak of Tianyu Mountain was several degrees lower than at the foot of the mountain, and the camellias that had been planted in the courtyard had begun to bud.

The surrounding vines and roses also bloomed brilliantly, filling the air with their fragrance.

When hed heard that Yun Xi liked dwarf magnolias, Mu Feichi had found someone to buy two trees and ship them up the mountain.

He was personally planting them in the courtyard.

Gu Baifan had gotten the whole team together, and working nonstop theyd come up with an acquisition plan in three days.

Before he had even taken a rest, he went up the mountain with the proposal.

In the courtyard, Mu Feichi had his shirt sleeves and his pants rolled up.

He was using a shovel to dig up the soil for gardening.

Great White stood at his side and watched until he heard the sound of a car.

Then he ran up to the metal fence.

He pawed at the gate when he saw the figure getting out of the car.

“Great White!” Gu Baifan opened the gate using his fingerprint.

The moment he opened it, Great White pounced on him.

OOF! “Youve gained a few pounds! I can barely hold you up…”

Gu Baifan stumbled back a few steps with an exhausted expression before crashing into the fence in an effort to stabilize himself.

He panted slightly as he patted Great Whites head.

“Get down! I have something to discuss with your master.”

Great White was only close to a few trusted people around Mu Feichi.

It was a huge honor.

Mu Feichi raised his head and looked at Gu Baifan, who was standing by the fence.

He called to Great White, and Great White obediently ran back and sat beside him.

Mu Feichi finished up what hed been doing and stood up to wash his hands.

He asked casually, “Whats wrong with you You look exhausted.

Have you been indulging too much”

“Young Master, how would I be able to indulge myself at a time like this”

Gu Baifan sighed helplessly.

He waved the acquisition plan he was holding in his hand and said, “In order to win a smile from your little beauty, I spent the entire night organizing and drafting the acquisition plan.

It took three days to complete this preliminary plan, and Ive brought it to you before I even had time to rest.

Do you want to hold on to it so you can pass it to Yun Xi”

Mu Feichi glanced at him, wiped his hands clean, and patted his shoulder.

He took the document from Gu Baifan and said, “Youve worked hard.

Actually, I didnt ask you to come up with a plan in such a short time.

Why are you in such a hurry Cant you tell that that girl is playing with Han Yaotian”

“Huh What do you mean” He really had had no idea.

He only knew that she seemed to be targeting the Han Group.

Mu Feich didnt know if it was because Han Wanling had provoked her or because she had been kidnapped, but he had a feeling that she had a deep relationship with the Han Group.

For some reason, he felt a sense of hatred toward them.

“Havent you realized that she has a deep hatred for the Han Group Whether its for Han Wanling or Han Yaotian, she has never intended to let them go.

Especially in her plan to break up the balance of power in Jingdu, the Han Group is the first she has set her sights on.

She has been precise and unhesitating.

Furthermore, we dont even know some of their weaknesses, but apparently she knows them better than we do.”

“Yeah…I did notice…”

Gu Baifan had been suspicious.

After all, he had been working in business for a very long time, and his instincts were better than others.

“This time, the Han Group and our Mu Groups project was cut short.

To be honest, I was shocked when she mentioned it.

After all, I hadnt reported it yet.

She said it with such confidence that it was as if she already knew.

If she was guessing, I dont believe in such a coincidence.

She mentioned the three relevant points specifically.”

Mu Feichis eyes darkened.

They were filled with a dark fog and a gloominess.

“I wont ask her about anything that she doesnt want to talk about.

Ill let her do whatever she wants as long as shes happy.

She can do whatever she wants with the Han Group.

Ill only be her backup, and I wont interfere.

Do you understand me”

Gu Baifan nodded.

Mu Feichi had become a self-indulgent ruler because of this girl..

How could he not understand his feelings for her

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